CLAIM: Kelsey Grammer “Lashed Out” When Asked About Camille on TV Show

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(Perez Hilton)

By Michael Lewittes


Kelsey Grammer

(Perez Hilton)

“Do NOT Ask Kelsey Grammer About His Ex-Wife Camille!” blares a headline from Perez Hilton, who says “following an appearance on the Australian morning TV show Sunrise, Kelsey lashed out at the show’s producer Mark Beirne after being asked about his ex-wife on air.”

According to Perez, Grammer “blew up” at the producer after the segment, reportedly telling him, “You are a vile person, a sick dog. Your life must be tragic. I feel sorry for you.”

The blogger editorializes, “Look, Kelsey. We understand that it must be frustrating to constantly be asked about your divorce, especially when you’re trying to promote a new project, but it’s naive of you to think that people won’t bring it up.” Adds Perez, “If you’re going to do the talk show circuit, you either need to make it EXTREMELY clear beforehand that Camille is a taboo subject… Don’t be a jerk about it, though.”

But, once again, Perez is offering his two cents on something he knows absolutely nothing about. Had Perez actually read the story that he copied for his blog, he would have known that it was not the questions about his ex-wife that upset Grammer.

As the star’s rep explains to Gossip Cop, Grammer thought it was inappropriate that the Aussie morning show aired clips of Camille discussing him on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” during his interview. Since Grammer’s wife, Kayte Walsh, was there for the taping, the actor found this “not only rude, but out of line,” says the rep, and so he asked to speak about the matter directly to the producer, who refused his request.

It was then that Grammer got fed up and exchanged words with the producer. While it’s clear Grammer’s temper got the best of him, it seems he had reason to be upset. Maybe the next time Perez lifts a story, he should try actually reading it first. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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