Kelsey Grammer NOT Having “Marriage Meltdown,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kelsey Grammer Marriage Problems

By Shari Weiss


Kelsey Grammer Marriage Problems

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Kelsey Grammer is NOT having a “marriage meltdown,” despite a new report claiming he’s “miserable” with wife Kayte. Gossip Cop can debunk the story, as a rep for Grammer tells us exclusively that the allegation is “bullsh*t.”

The rumor stems from a National Enquirer article, which alleges the actor and Kayte “are at odds just four years into their marriage.” A so-called “pal” claims the couple has “been very unhappy recently,” with Kayte allegedly homesick for England, and their “age difference is starting to show.” Kayte, 33, “always wants to go to restaurants where photographers hang out,” alleges the (fake) friend, while 59-year-old Grammer “hates that,” and supposedly prefers staying at home.

Making matters worse, claims the Enquirer, Grammer “is also facing money woes” after a costly divorce from ex-wife Camille. The magazine goes on to allege that the star is “building a 2,000-square-foot guesthouse for his personal space,” where he can spend time away from Kayte. So, which is it: Is Grammer having financial difficulties, or is he throwing money around to build a lavish “man cave”? The Enquirer clearly has no idea, and astoundingly manages to contradict itself in back-to-back paragraphs. Of course, logic has never been the outlet’s strong suit.

And accuracy is far from the Enquirer’s specialty, too. A rep for Grammer strongly denies the tabloid’s claims to Gossip Cop, and is slamming the Enquirer for publishing such falsehoods. It’s “100 percent fabricated libelous bullsh*t,” the star’s spokesperson emphatically tells Gossip Cop exclusively.

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