Kelly Osbourne NOT Fighting Sharon Over Wedding Plans, Despite Report

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By Daniel Gates

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Kelly Osbourne and her mom Sharon are fighting, claims Star. According to a source for the tabloid, “Kelly is at her wit’s end with her mother. She’s feuding with Sharon over the tiniest details of her wedding!”

Star says the location of the younger Osbourne’s upcoming nuptials with Matthew Mosshart is one issue. “Kelly has always planned to get married in the U.K. But Sharon is insisting that Kelly get hitched in Hawaii, since that’s where she and Ozzy married, as did her son, Jack,” explains the mag’s source. The women are also allegedly fighting over Kelly’s preference for vegan food to be served. Star’s insider says, “Kelly finally told her mom to butt out, which really hurt Sharon’s feelings!”

Sigh. This is not the first time Star has published a false story pitting the Osbourne women against each other. Last year, the tabloid wrongly insisted Sharon and Kelly were locked in an “ugly weight war,” allegedly fighting over “who can be the skinniest.” That story was bogus, and so is this one.

On Wednesday, Osbourne slammed the report. She tweeted, “WTF is wrong with people why would I ever been at war with my own mother? Some publications really must be having a slow week!!!!” Judging by the rest of the garbage Star is pumping out this week, we’d say Osbourne is onto something.

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