Kelly Osbourne NOT “Desperate” After Fashion Police Exit, Despite Report

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Kelly Osbourne Job

By Daniel Gates

Kelly Osbourne Job

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Kelly Osbourne is “desperately seeking a job” after quitting “Fashion Police,” claims Star, which alleges that “her career has gone up in flames.” Gossip Cop can bust this story, which tries to sensationalize Osbourne’s exit from the show into some kind of downward spiral.

“The way that Kelly left things with producers was extremely unprofessional and definitely burned a lot of bridges,” explains a so-called “insider” for Star. “Because of that, she hasn’t had any offers from E! or its affiliates.”

According to the outlet’s source, “Other networks don’t want to take chances on her because of her volatile nature. She can’t believe it — she thought the job offers would be flooding in.” Star snipes that she’s gone “from haute to not!”

Of course, this is the same outlet that once ridiculously claimed Madonna was worried Osbourne was a “bad influence” on her teenage daughter Lourdes, alleged Osbourne was “off the wagon” when she wasn’t, wrongly insisted she was trying to stop Emma Roberts from marrying Evan Peters, and has generally proven that its Osbourne reporting is irrelevant. So is this latest report. A rep for Osbourne has shot down the Star story about her career, and when the TV personality gets her next job, Gossip Cop bets Star stays mum.

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