Fetish Model Kelly Lee Dekay Shows Off 16-Inch Waist (VIDEO)

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Corset Training Waist

By Daniel Gates


Corset Training Waist


Kelly Lee Dekay has corset-trained her waist down to an astonishing 16 inches. “I teeter between 16 and 18. It just depends,” says the fetish model. A lifelong fan of comic book characters, Dekay explains that she was “always really in love with the idea of bringing fantasy into my everyday life. Whenever someone says to me, ‘That looks so unnatural’… I have big bright blue hair. [I don’t] want to look like everyone else.” She’s been corset-training for seven years.

“I didn’t set out to have a small waist. It isn’t something I thought about,” she explains. “The thing that I did think about is becoming a super-villain, to be honest. To become a comic book character.” Dekay is not worried about long-term health consequences of achieving a “drastic silhouette,” saying she’s gone to get check-ups, and “everything is all healthy and good.”

When Dekay hits the streets of New York, her appearance draws a mixed reaction. “I would not want to achieve this look. It looks very off, and it doesn’t normal, and it doesn’t look good,” commented one passer-by. But another stranger enthused, “She’s looking so gorgeous, like beyond supermodel, pageant, perfect! She’s like the living embodiment of Jessica Rabbit, but so much better.”

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.


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