Lindsay Lohan Slams Star Mag’s Bogus Cover Claim That She’s “Wasted Again!”

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By Daniel Gates



In a Gossip Cop exclusive, Lindsay Lohan blasts Star magazine’s new cover feature alleging she’s relapsed and is drinking again. Star‘s report, of course, is dubious from the start. The tabloid builds almost all of its story on the word of a previously unknown supposed “party pal” named Keith Middlebrook.

Middlebrook says he financed Lohan’s allegedly “booze-fueled” stay at the Chateau Marmont on March 10 and partied with her “a handful of times” at her Venice house. According to him, the actress has been “drinking and partying since getting out of rehab.”

In the curiously long period of time that’s passed since Lohan’s supposed Hollywood binge, Star insists she’s been partying up a storm in New York. The actress “pulled it together and looked great” on good days, claims the mag, but on other days “she was a wreck.” But the magazine can’t even come up with an East Coast version of Keith Middlebrook to back up its claim that Lohan has relapsed. Star‘s sources at Motor City Bar in New York only “say she was not boozing.”

As for her so-called “party pal,” Lohan had strong words in an exclusive statement to Gossip Cop.”I met Keith Middlebrook once and then he started to stalk me,” she tells us. “End of story.” Lohan also reiterated that lingering – and still unproven – claims of a relapse are totally false. “I am also absolutely not about to throw everything that I’ve accomplished in my sobriety away for the things of my past,” she says.

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