Actor Now Claims He Never Told Tabs Justin Theroux Had a “Drug Past”


By Michael Lewittes



Keith Middlebrook, the actor who Star and RadarOnline allegedly quoted discussing Justin Theroux‘s “drug past,” claims he never said anything like that.

On Friday, RadarOnline posted a story from its sister publication Star that supposedly quoted Middlebrook as saying that on the set of Iron Man 2, Theroux “told me about using powerful painkillers like Dilaudid, as well as mushrooms, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, LSD and crack.” RadarOnline later removed its post (below right) shortly after Gossip Cop reported Theroux would be “taking legal action.” Now, however, Middlebrook says he never said those things about Theroux.


According to Middlebrook, “Star Magazine called me and asked about an actor I had worked with on Iron Man 2 named Justin Theroux, their questions were about if I was familiar with alleged past drug use of heroin, cocain etc. My response was truthful in saying ‘after working with him It would be hard to believe, he’s too straight, too together, he would be the last person you would ever suspect to do any drugs period.’”

Then, for no reason at all, Middlebrook curiously adds, “If I am wrong and there was past drug use, he is living testimony that a person can get it together and succeed, because Justin shows absolutely no signs of any drug use at all.”

As you may recall, Middlebrook is the same guy who also gave Star a cover story cover story last April about Lindsay Lohan — that Gossip Cop debunked as well — and then similarly later claimed he was misquoted. What do you think about RadarOnline pulling down its story, and Middlebrook now saying he never discussed drugs with Theroux?

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