Keira Knightley Hates Fairy Tales: Why Should You “Wait For Some F*cking Dude To Rescue You?”

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Keira Knightley The Edit

By Daniel Gates

Keira Knightley The Edit

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Keira Knightley has no use for fairy tales. She tells The Edit, “I left them behind. Why should you be told to wait for some f***ing dude to rescue you?” It’s part of the actress’ larger reaction to Hollywood double standards and gender inequality.

She explains, “The people who make movies, whether it’s directors or producers or money people, look for things they can identify with, and if they’re all predominantly middle-aged white men, then what you see are things that middle-aged white men can identify with.”

“It’s a political thing, having a baby girl, in a way that it isn’t for a boy,” says Knightley. “You think, ‘Oh, isn’t this fairy-tale lovely?’ Then suddenly you worry, ‘What [expectation] am I planting with that? I don’t want her to be waiting around for a man to fix her problems.'”

Knightley says she’s turned down roles because of “really overt sex and violence that is just, in my view, not justified.” “I’m not saying that there can’t be really interesting stories about sex and violence, but a lot of it I just think, ‘This is gratuitous for the sake of being gratuitous, and you’d never ask a dude to do this.'”

She has a similar mindset when it comes to making choices about nudity. The actress explains, “It’s actually a difficult question: how much flesh are you meant to bare? What are we saying is appropriate or not appropriate? We’re saying that we should be sexually liberated but then again not that sexually liberated. It’s confusing.”

As she enters her thirties, Knightley says she’s “absolutely fine” about getting older. “I had a funny 22, I didn’t like that number. But 30, I’m alright with,” she says. “With me, everything before 25 wasn’t so fun, but everyone post has been great.”

Check out a behind-the-scenes interview below, and tell us what you think about what Knightley has to say!


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