Keira Knightley: I Get Mistaken For Britney Spears — WATCH VIDEO!

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By Shari Weiss


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Keira Knightley resembles a few different celebrities, and apparently Britney Spears is one of them. On “The Graham Norton Show,” the British star reveals fans have approached her believing she is the (sometimes brunette) pop star.

“I get quite excited because I quite like the idea that I could do all that [mimes shimmying], which I can’t do,” says Knightley. “So I’ve been Britney Spears like three times.”

The actress says she’s frequently mistaken for Natalie Portman, even getting chased through airports by people thinking she’s the Oscar winner. She admits, “I feel quite sorry for her because she must get chased a lot because it’s happened like five times where someone’s been like [yelling] ‘Natalie, Natalie, Natalie…’ And I’ll always sign and have a picture as Natalie Portman.” Knightley even signs autographs and take pictures as “Spears,” too.

Apparently, she didn’t want to let any of the fans down, but confesses to being less patient at home. The Begin Again star recounts husband James Righton of the Klaxons trying to teach her how to play guitar for the musical film, revealing the lesson “nearly ended in divorce and murder.” “I’ve never been more angry,” she says. “If you are married to someone, don’t get the other one to teach you to play a musical instrument.”

Knightley, however, is quite confident in Righton’s abilities, and even laments that “more beefy dudes than it is girls” attending his concerts, and says they deserve to “have knickers thrown at them.” “I’ve seen a bra thrown at them, which was quite big. Clearly he’s not into that,” she quips.

Note : Video no longer available

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