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Topless Kiefer Sutherland Thrown Out Of Strip Club?

Truth rating: 4

By Michael Lewittes


TMZ claims “24” star Kiefer Sutherland was “tossed from [a] strip club” in London last night after “getting into it with somebody inside the club.”

According to the site, Sutherland, who served time for drunk driving, “was acting crazy” inside the gentlemen’s club Stringfellows, and even took his shirt off.

Maybe we’re out of practice, but don’t the dancers take off their tops, and the patrons remain clothed?

Anyway, TMZ reports that at around 3:30 a.m., the club’s bouncers “[threw] him out the door.”

Actually, that’s not what happened, according to the club owner himself.

On the official Stringfellows site, Peter Stringfellow writes, “Sutherland had a wonderful time, was incredibly charming to all the staff, very generous to all the girls and made friends with my security people.”

And while Strongfellow acknowledges that Sutherland took off his top – because he thought it was funny – the owner takes issue with TMZ’s assertion that the actor was “tossed” for the strip joint.

Instead, Stringfellow explains that because of the paparazzi outside, “We arranged [for] him to leave via the backdoor with the help of two of my security guys, an operations director and the VIP manager,” not bouncers.

In fact, Sutherland was so “charming,” Stringfellow concludes with an open invitation: “Kiefer, if you read this we’d love to see you at the club [sic] the girls had a terrific time with you and you are welcome back at Stringfellows anytime.”

Gossip Cop‘s verdict?

“Toss” the thrown out part from TMZ’s report.

And Kiefer, keep your shirt on!

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