Khloe Kardashian Clashes With Kim Over Fertility, Struggles With Lamar on KUWTK


By Shari Weiss



On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Khloe Kardashian’s fertility issues and private problems with Lamar Odom took center stage.

It all kicked off with Khloe admitting she was feeling like a “Debby Downer,” but told her family she wasn’t sure why.

Things got worse when Khloe and Kourtney assisted Kim with some baby prep, but the mom-to-be listened to Kourt’s advice over hers, even though they both pretty much said the same thing.

“You have kids and you think you’re holier than thou, and you and Kim have this connection,” she sniped at Kourtney.

Kim became determined to “help” Khloe deal with her fertility setbacks, and asked mom Kris Jenner if she thought Khloe and Lamar should adopt.

The pair noted that Khloe had previously seemed so focused in the past on becoming pregnant, but doesn’t appear to be interested in the subject at all lately.

“It’s like she doesn’t care,” noted Kris.

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Kim later broached the subject with Khloe, asking her if she’s been following up with her doctor.

Khloe admitted she hadn’t, and tried to deflect the issue by saying, “When I’m supposed to be [a mom], it’s going to happen.”

Kim then suggested Khloe at least meet with an adoption attorney “to just get informed,” and while she agreed to the meeting, the talk turned sour when Kim noted how uncomfortable her sister seemed with the topic.

“You’re really running from this. You’re obviously trying to avoid this,” Kim told her, prompting Khloe to shoot back, “Now you’re being f*cking annoying. Pregnant or not, you’re f*cking annoying.”

Unbeknownst to Kim, Khloe confessed to the camera, “I’m not ready to continue with fertility treatments. There are some thing that not everybody knows, and me and Lamar are the only two people that do need to know about it.”

The sisters got some questions answered at their meeting, but Khloe didn’t seem enthused, further revealing to the camera that things are “complicated,” and she’s “at a place in my life where there are a lot of moving parts.”

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Khloe later decided she “appreciated Kim’s persistence,” and went to her doctor for the first time in a year.

On the phone with Lamar, Khloe said the doctor wanted to see him, too, but he seemed more interested in when she would return home.

“He’s so weird right now,” she admitted to an accompanying Kourtney when she hung up the phone, but went on to claim she didn’t know what was wrong and was having “anxiety” over the mysterious issue.

The doctor determined Khloe “could” potentially carry a pregnancy, but she said to the camera, “I’m just not at that place right now to get pregnant.”

Later, during a meal with half-sister Kylie, Lamar called Khloe repeatedly, and seemed confused on the phone.

“I think you’re tired. Listen, you’re buggin’ just a little bit,” Khloe told him as Kylie looked on uncomfortably.

She went on to tell the camera, “There’s a lot of emotional issues I think Lamar has. I do want to help or cater to Lamar, but there’s also so much somebody can take,” calling her husband a “very depressed person.”

“I do love Lamar with every ounce of who I am, but it’s really scary when someone’s in such a deep low,” continued Khloe, “and you know they’re kind of relying on you to get them out, and you’re trying and you’re trying and nothing’s working.”

Unfortunately, as we now know, the worst was still yet to come.

Meanwhile, Kris clashed with a family member of her own: Scott Disick.

Last Christmas, Kris gave the family motor scooters, a gift that went unappreciated by Scott. Rob Kardashian predicted that Scott not only sold his, but also Kourtney’s, and decided to investigate.

“What a piece of sh*t,” Kris said when a search in his garage in fact revealed that the scooter was gone.

Kris decided to plan a family scooter outing to “bust” her pseudo-son-in-law, and Kourtney quickly realized there’d be problems when her mom found out “the ultimate douche kebab” had gotten rid of it.

“People put thought into gifts and you return all of them,” Kourtney told her boyfriend, pointing out that he didn’t even open Kris’ Christmas card.

When neither Kourtney nor Scott RSVPed to “Scooter Day,” Kris called and pressured him to come, and he claimed that he would.

Of course, Scott was a no-show, though, with Kourtney claiming the Vespa was in the shop.

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“I promise you, that motherf**ker’s lying to me,” Kris exclaimed, demanding, Koutney, Khloe, and Rob ride with her to the shop to see for themselves, and sure enough, there was no bike there.

Kris next decided to crash Scott’s lunch plans, and Kourtney realized there was “nothing” she could to do to help her “embarrassing” and “pathetic” baby daddy.

When Scott tried to downplay the issue, saying “I didn’t sell it. I traded it in for a motorcycle,” and that he doesn’t have any interest in riding a scooter, Kris stormed out in tears.

To make up for his transgression, Scott surprised Kris at home and said he was there to apologize.

The matriarch explained she was “hurt” that Scott not only tried to stop her efforts at creating a “family experience,” but also lied about it.

“All I wanna do is spend time with you guys, and make adventures, and have fun,” she explained.

The pair then vowed to go on their own scooter date sometime.

And even Bruce Jenner was hiding something. He decided to secretly train Khloe’s dog, after Khloe herself specifically told him not.

“It’s my dog, I am half-master. We have an understanding, Bernard and I,” Khloe told her stepfather when he feared she was making him a “wimpy little dog.”

Khloe insisted her pup, at six months old, was just acting like a young dog, but Bruce kept pointing out BHop’s misbehavior.

“What are you gonna do when you have a kid?” he asked in a poorly-timed question. “You gonna let them do whatever they want?”

Jenner decided to take the situation into his own hands, enlisting Rob’s help, and predicting that Khloe would be “really happy” when Bernard showed he knows how to sit and stay.

The former athlete, who said he “pride[s]” himself on his “ability to train dogs,” got off to a decent start with leash training, and remarked, “I got farther with him in the last couple of days than Khloe did in the last couple of months.

Khloe later attempted some training of her own and found herself impressed that Bernard was learning “so fast,” unaware that Bruce had been teaching the pup the same positions.

But Rob was forced to reveal the truth when Khloe found Bernard with a metal pronged collar around his neck, and went to blast her stepdad.

“I’m really, really f*cking pissed at you,” Khloe yelled, telling Bruce he should respect how she wants to deal with Bernard just as she respects how he raises Kendall and Kylie.

Bruce saw her point and apologized, going on to wish her good luck and declare, “I’m out of it.”

What do you think of tonight’s episode?

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