Kim Kardashian Gives Birth to North West After Emergency Delivery on KUWTK


By Shari Weiss



Kim Kardashian gave birth to baby North West on Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

After building up to the joyous event all season, much drama surrounded Kardashian’s delivery as she unexpectedly gave birth five weeks early after finding out she was suffering from toxemia.

Kim broke the news to Khloe first via phone, revealing that her liver was shutting down due to preeclampsia

“Basically, I have to deliver the baby today,” said a surprisingly calm Kim.

Mother Kris didn’t have the same reaction, quickly entering panic mode and insisting only she take the mom-to-be to the hospital.

Khloe instead went to Kourtney’s, and the two tried to wait patiently for news.

“I’m completely scared for Kim. I’m trying to keep my cool,” said Khloe to camera, explaining how “helpless” she felt waiting for Kris to call.

The Kardashian matriarch finally gave the green light for the girls to go to the hospital, where Khloe filmed with her camera phone.

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“I’m excited to meet you,” Kim said into the camera phone, telling her little one that “daddy” Kanye West was on a plane about to land and would “freak” when he found out what was going on.

Unlike when Kourtney gave birth last year, there wasn’t any footage of the delivery, with the episode cutting to Khloe telling Bruce Jenner that the little one had arrived and Kim and Kanye were absolutely in awe of their newborn.

The baby’s sudden arrival left Kris rushing to ready their home, which was far from set up as the family wasn’t expecting North for at least another month.

“My kids have weddings in nine days and babies five weeks early,” said Kris (referring to Khloe and Lamar’s nuptials). “They’re going to give me a heart attack.”

She ended up scoring an extra day to prepare, with North suffering from a little jaundice and having to spend the night in an incubator.

Kim was still pretty calm, and thoroughly impressed by the size of her breasts, which she compared to “cantaloupes.”

The same couldn’t be said for Kourtney, who upon visiting the baby’s room, freaked out at some of her mom’s set-up choices.

“I’ve been working around the clock to do the best I can to get the room ready, and I have the peanut gallery over here criticizing me for what I haven’t done right,” lamented Kris, accusing her daughter of her making her feel like “sh*t.”

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The family, which even had Kim’s placenta pills and umbilical cord waiting for her in the bedroom, furthered prepped for North’s trip home by receiving shots to prevent whooping cough.

Soon enough, the new parents arrived home for the first time, and after some more body talk (with Khloe saying, “Honestly, I’ve never seen boobs like that in real life ever,” and Kim noting that her vagina “looks better than before”), the new mom couldn’t help but gush about the experience.

“Labor was honestly the easiest thing ever,” revealed Kim, adding, “And then just staring at her, I’m like ‘Oh my god.’ Everything that they say happens — that you fall in love and it’s this deep connection — is true.”

Kim also addressed Kanye’s preference that North not appear on the reality show, and said she accepted that “different dynamic.”

“I signed on to do this, but it doesn’t mean Kanye and my child have signed on, and I’m fine with keeping them more private,” she said.

Kim vowed, though, that she was “still an open book,” and hadn’t lost her desire to pose for Playboy.

“I just want to come out to the world like, ‘I am back and I’m so hot. You all called me a whale!'” she exclaimed.

The episode, however, featured more than just Kardashian’s birth.

Khloe made a “friend” with a random transvestite working the L.A. streets, who deemed himself a “crack baby.”

Their brief conversation stuck with Khloe, who recalled her late father bringing her to Skid Row to hand out food and blankets.

“I have a desire to get deeper into these lives,” she explained to Kourtney, before taking Rob to the area and expressing her desire to help the less fortunate.

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Khloe later went to a women’s center, where she volunteered and spoke with people who struggled with drugs and homelessness.

“I’m just so honored that I get to spend even one day with these people,” she told the camera afterward. “Their stories are just so touching.”

And Bruce was excited about his own growing friendship with comedian Jeff Dunham.

“If he played golf, I’d marry him,” gushed Jenner.

The relationship took son Brody by surprise, who was happy to see his dad loosening up for the first time in “years.”

“I hope he’s doing it because he wants to, and he’s not just doing it to impress his new best friend Jeff,” the former “Hills” star told the camera.

Brody and brother Brandon suggested their dad make himself a little “unavailable,” rather than come across as “overbearing” in his “bromance.”

The plan somewhat backfired when Dunham confronted Bruce for suddenly dropping off communications.

“So you’re not dead,” joked the stand-up personality, prompting Bruce to confess what his sons said.

“This whole male bonding thing I don’t understand!” exclaimed Bruce to the camera, explaining that it’s just “nice to have a friend outside of the family” that shares his interests.

What do you think of tonight’s big episode?

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