Kardashians Battle Abuse Rumors, Rob Calls Himself Family’s “Embarrassment”

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By Shari Weiss



On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the family battled some nasty tabloid rumors, Rob Kardashian struggled with his weight, and Bruce Jenner tried to repair his relationship with son Brody.

“I’ve never felt so depressed and so down in my life,” Rob complained to his sisters about his 50-pound weight gain, and admitted he felt like an “embarrassment” to his family. Kim vowed to help her brother get fit, but was shocked when he flaked on a workout session, prompting her to blast him for being “so f**king rude.”

She and Khloe later came up with a reverse psychology plan to turn Rob off of junk food and get rid of his stretch marks — but it backfired. “This is a dream, this is what I do,” Rob said when he saw all the fast food, prompting Kim to joke, “I really need a pregnant friend.” Kim concluded that her bro really has a “food addiction problem,” and told him he can help himself when he’s ready.

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney got upset themselves when they learned about the disgusting tabloid allegations that claimed mom Kris abused her and her siblings while they were kids. “It’s just disrespectful for someone to sell these lies and rumors,” said Kourtney about their former stepmother Ellen Pearson — who was wed to Robert Kardashian shortly before his death — peddling the claims to In Touch and Life & Style.

Kris admitted the stories were giving her an “anxiety attack,” and worried that the “damage is done,” despite her daughters and Bruce insisting they file a lawsuit. “I would never claim to be the perfect parent…,” said the Kardashian family matriarch, “but this woman is really crossing the line and accusing me of doing things I would never dream about doing.”

Kris became further alarmed when Kylie revealed that her friends have asked if her mom abuses her, leading Kim and Khloe to visit a private investigator to see what they can uncover about their stepmom. They later surprised their mom with a meeting with their lawyer, where Kris broke down, saying she “can’t take” the awful allegations. “At this point, I have a responsibility to do everything I can to protect my family,” she realized, ultimately deciding to take legal action and praising her daughters for “sticking up” for her.

Brody’s outing with Bruce, brother Brandon, sister-in-law Leah and Kendall and Kylie, rubbed him the wrong way when he realized just how close his dad is to his half-sisters, bringing up feelings of abandonment stemming from his childhood. “We have never really bonded or hung out,” Brody told Kim, noting later that it’s the “craziest feeling” to feel you don’t know your dad.

Bruce told Brandon that he thinks Brody is the distant one, and doesn’t have his “side of the story” about his split from their mother Linda Thompson. Bruce reconsidered his position after Rob pointed out that he would “die” to have a relationship with his late father, and orchestrated a sit-down with Brody. “I can’t count how many birthdays that happened that I didn’t even get a phone call,” Brody told his dad, adding, “You always want to hear from your actual father.” Bruce explained that while he wouldn’t “badmouth” his ex, he said “there came a point where it became too difficult to continue my relationship with my kids.”

Bruce later admitted that “not handling things right” was “the biggest regret of his life,” and vowed to take responsibility. “I certainly want to be part of all of my kids lives,” he told Brody, who was willing to “go forward” and “work on establishing a better relationship.” What do you think of the drama in tonight’s “KUWTK”?

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