Scott Disick Makes Cancer Patient’s Bucket List, Kris Jenner Fears “Stalker” on KUWTK


By Shari Weiss



On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kris Jenner feared she had a stalker while husband Bruce struggled with his hearing, and Scott Disick made a cancer patient’s wish come true.

Scott was put-off when baby mama Kourtney wanted to visit her second-cousin CiCi, who has been battling cancer unsuccessfully for 15 years. After admitting CiCi’s illness made him uncomfortable, Scott was surprised to find out that meeting him was on a stranger named Josie’s bucket list. “All I know is there’s a woman who’s saying she’s very sick and before she dies she’s saying she wants to meet me,” said an admittedly shocked Scott. Kourtney, worried that Scott wasn’t addressing his discomfort with illness and death, encouraged him to meet with her.

“I’m not so sure I want to be around someone dying,” Scott explained, saying that he didn’t know how to “console somebody.” But he later decided he “wouldn’t feel right turning down a sick person’s dying wish,” and Josie was positively ecstatic when Scott turned up at her home in Ohio. He was relieved to find that she had “an amazing energy,” despite her nearly three-year-long fight with lung cancer,” and seemed profoundly impacted by their time together. “I came into this situation thinking it would be extremely sad… but it’s really the opposite,” he later confessed, adding, “I’m more thankful to have met her than she is to meet me.”

Kourtney was moved to hear how “life-changing” Scott found the visit to be, especially when he apologized for not being there for her enough when it came to CiCi. Josie, who tweeted photos from Scott’s visit back in January, thanked Kourtney on Twitter during the episode’s airing. “Thank you soooo much for encouraging him to come!” she wrote. “My family and I will never forget it!”

Meanwhile, Scott, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim took prank-calling Kris to a new level with Scott pretending to be a (fictional) family friend named Todd Kraines. “Some creep keeps calling me,” Kris complained to her family, revealing that the “stalker” had been contacting her for months, and was now even sending her flowers. The girls tried to keep their giggles under wraps as Kris explained the various incidents, and the family matriarch remained none-the-wiser as to who was behind the ordeal.

But that wasn’t Kris’ only stressor, as she and the rest of the family became increasingly concerned about Bruce’s hearing — and frustrated with his stubbornness at addressing the issue. “I’m not worrying about being old,” the former Olympic star insisted to his wife, and son Brandon later called him out on refusing to get help.

After some more pressure from his family, Bruce finally went for a hearing test, where the doctor discovered some “substantial” declines, and suggested he invest in hearing aids. Kris, however, was crushed to learn the doctor also advised an MRI of Bruce’s brain to rule out a tumor that could be causing his hearing issues. “I can’t sit here and say I’m not worried that there’s not something more serious going on,” she lamented.

Bruce himself became nervous when Khloe and Kim unexpectedly arrived at the doctor’s office — but everyone’s fears were quickly calmed when the test results showed everything was fine.And with Bruce finally admitting he’d “like to hear better,” and would be willing to get the hearing aids, Kris and co. relaxed even further.

Check out video below from Scott’s meeting with Josie, and tell us what you think of tonight’s episode.

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