Kim Kardashian Threatens to ‘Hang Myself,’ ‘Slit Throat’ Over Labor Pains on KUWTK


By Shari Weiss


Kim Kardashian gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Saturday, but — as seen on Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” — the reality star had a scary incident months before the delivery.

The drama began when Kim received a phone call from her divorce attorney, finding out her deposition was unexpectedly pushed back. “You’re pregnant for godsakes,” sister Khloe lamented, worrying about the stress the ongoing legal battle would inflict on the mom-to-be. Kim, noting that she and boyfriend Kanye West want the issue resolved before her delivery, said, “I really don’t want to be married while I give birth to our baby.” Sure enough, Khloe later called their mom Kris Jenner to reveal that the was in “excruciating pain” after a flight, and was rushing to the doctor. “I was literally crying the whole flight,” a tearful Kim told her mom, later crying out, “I just don’t understand. It hurts so bad.”

After feeling like she was “in labor,” and warning that she never wants “to do this again,” the doctor found the baby’s heartbeat and determined that her little one was okay, despite the pregnant star running a fever. On the phone with West, Kris told him, “Your girl’s gonna be just fine. Both your girls.” Kim, still in pain, was placed on bed rest, and dramatically exclaimed, “If labor’s worse than this, I’ll hang myself. I’ll literally take a knife and slit my throat.” On a follow-up visit, the doctor worried Kim had appendicitis, and expressed concern about operating on a pregnant woman, and then feared the mom-to-be had some other infection. “I just feel so relived that I don’t have to have surgery,” Kim later told sis Kourtney.

But her worries returned when Kim got more bad news on the divorce front, with her mom warning, “It’s going to stress you the f**k out.” “I’m just so bothered and so sad over this situation,” complained the still-married starlet, and Kris noted, “This should be the happiest time of your life right now.” Kim’s deposition day finally arrived, and she wondered if Kris Humphries would be there. “I just wanna say to him, ‘It never had to get like this. I loved you, I still do. You were a big part of my life,'” while noting that they “rushed” into things and weren’t meant to be, but could move on as friends.” Humphries ultimately wasn’t there, and Kim still left the meeting “emotionally drained.” “I’m a little disappointed Kris didn’t show up,” she noted, adding, “I’m just relieved this is the first step to finally moving on.”

The episode also featured Kris clashing with Bruce Jenner on whether they should keep a gun in the home after the family was targeted in a swatting prank. “Absolutely not,” Kris said, refusing to go along with Bruce’s plan, which included sending daughters Kendall and Kylie to “gun school.” The topic spread throughout the family, with Kourtney‘s baby daddy Scott Disick wondering if he could keep a weapon in the home with two young children around. Despite Kris’ protestations, Bruce and stepson Rob took a handgun safety course, and later took Kendall to a gun range with Rob and Scott. Kendall quickly became “freaked out,” but soon felt grateful that she was getting educated, while Scott pissed off the instructor by joking around, prompted him to get kicked off the range.

Scott later told Kourtney the experience really “turned me off” to having a gun in the house, and Khloe agreed, worrying about roommate Rob. And Kris later went ballistic when she found out about Bruce and Kendall’s adventure, calling it “sneaky.” “I don’t appreciate you getting Kendall to go to the shooting range and shoot a weapon behind my back,” she yelled. “There’s never going to be guns in my house. No way.”

Another fight erupted when Bruce tried convincing Kylie, and she tattled to her mom. “This is not a political battlefield… You try to make people believe what you believe,” Kris told her hubby. Bruce disregarded her comments, and went out to buy a gun for home use, along with a safe to keep the weapon secure. “I have the ability to protect my family, and that’s a good, comforting feeling,” he noted. Bruce brought his controversial goods home, and he and Kendall decided to keep its whereabouts a secret. “With the gun in the house,” said the former athlete, “we’re making progress slowly.”

Only time will tell for sure… What do you think of tonight’s “KUWTK”?

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