Kim and Kourtney Bond Over Babies, Khloe Gets Drunk With Kris on KUWTK (VIDEO)

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By Shari Weiss



On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Khloe Kardashian felt left out as sisters Kim and Kourtney bonded while shopping for baby clothing, leading her to spend a wild night out with mom Kris Jenner. Khloe complained during the siblings’ outing that she felt “ignored” while Kim and Kourtney repeatedly left her out of their conversations, and was further put off when the two bailed on a dinner outing without telling her only to focus on preparing for the newborn (video below).

“If they wanna do their baby stuff without me, I rather not be invited than be a third wheel,” she complained. She later told Kris how “depressed” and “irritated” Kim and Kourtney were making her, prompting the Kardashian matriarch to suggest a one-on-one hangout. Kris vowed to show her daughter “a really great night out on the town,” and picked her up in a limo before heading to a Mexican restaurant to eat, drink, and wear sombreros. “This is going to be a long night, so buckle your seat belt,” Kris warned Khloe as they knocked back drinks. A wasted Kris suggested doing a practical joke on someone, and the two decided to toilet paper Kim’s house and spray it with shaving cream.

“I never knew how much fun this could actually be,” Khloe admitted as they went crazy carrying out their plan. “I’m having the best time.” Kim was floored when she discovered the mess, exclaiming, “I’m so pissed! I don’t find this funny! On my roses! On my trees!” The mystery as to who did it was solved when she realized “Kris Jenner” was scrawled in shaving cream on her gate, and a plastered Kris went on to fall asleep on Khloe’s floor after their “best night ever.”

“I have the biggest hangover since high school,” Kris confessed the next morning, saying she didn’t remember “half the stuff” they did, including their adventure. When the two next saw the rest of the fam, Kourtney ripped them for their behavior, saying, “What the f**k is wrong with you a**holes?” Kim went on to slam them for “vandalizing” her home, noting, “If I wanted to call the cops on you guys, I could have, and you would’ve been arrested.” Still, Kris and Khloe downplayed what happened, and pointed out that they were together in the first place only because Khloe had been ditched. And with that, Kim apologized.

In an amusing secondary storyline, Kris became fixated on people’s peculiar bathroom habits, and found herself peeing outside when she couldn’t get in the house fast enough. She later blasted daughters Kendall and Kylie for filming her while on the toilet and posting it online. The girls swore they were just trying to help their mom get over her discomfort, and later worked with brother Rob and their friends to professionally record “a pee song” as a humorous peace offering. “I really can’t stay mad at Kendall and Kylie as they have such love for me and they wrote that song,” Kris decided afterward.

Meanwhile, Kardashian step-brother Brandon and his wife Leah clashed on whether their album was perfected enough to be released after working on it for years. Leah admitted to be worried about the effects of fame after seeing Kim blast the paparazzi as they hounded her during a trip for frozen yogurt. “It’s like we can tweak forever,” Brandon complained as Leah continued to resist moving forward with promotion after family friend Ryan Seacrest volunteered to help them out.

Leah later sought out her famous dad, Eagles guitarist Don Felder, for advice, confessing that it wasn’t really the state of the music that was bothering her, but what it may do to her marriage. “I’m happy where my life is right now, and I honestly think that sometimes I’ve seen success really change people not for the better,” she told her father.

Afterward, Leah found the courage to tell Brandon her true feelings, explaining that he’s “the most important thing” to her, not the music. Brandon consoled his crying wife, vowing that he “cared enough about [the] relationship to fight any battle.” The two finally agreed to release their EP, and their launch party, with Kim and much of the family in attendance, couldn’t have gone better. “I’m so relieved,” said Leah. “There’s no nerves left.” Check out VIDEO of Kim confronting paparazzi while out with Brandon and Leah below!

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