Kris Jenner Confronted By Stepson Brody in “Hurtful Attack” on KUWTK


By Shari Weiss



On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the drama between Kris Jenner and stepson Brody heated up into overdrive while the family tried to make the most of their vacation in Greece. As seen on last week’s episode, Brody was offended when Kris initially didn’t invite him on the Kardashian-Jenner getaway, prompting the two — who were never close — to have some awkward, and even tense, interaction.

Bruce, Kendall, and Kylie made a belated arrival in Mykonos, shocked to find Kris sporting a shoulder-length black wig, and ready to flirt up a storm. Brody looked on bewildered and turned off, especially as Kris tried to involve him in the joking around. “I feel like he sort of judges me,” Kris vented to daughter Kourtney. “A lot of times, he takes me the wrong way. Like he doesn’t get my humor… I just want him to be part of the family.” Kris vowed to be “the bigger person” and really “reach out” to Brody to make him a bigger part of their blended family, but the more the Kardashian matriarch tried to show him some warmth — with a bit of borderline inappropriate teasing — the more he got annoyed.

As Kris struggled with figuring out what the boundaries were, Brody admitted to the camera, “Over the years growing up, I thought Kris was the reason I didn’t see my father and kind of painted her as the villain.” Brody, after finding himself further upset by what he saw as Kris’ unfair treatment of Bruce, felt he “bit [his] tongue for long enough” and decided to finally be “brutally honest” and confront his stepmother about his “serious” issues with her. The former “Hills” star criticized Kris’ “lavish lifestyle,” and questioned whether she was working for fame or her family. “That’s a lie,” he told Kris when she said she’d be satisfied if he and the rest of the family were “genuinely happy,” going on to say, “I don’t think you’ve ever given two sh*ts about the way Brandon and I have grown up.” Brody’s comments prompted Kris to start crying, and she told the camera, “This is one of the most hurtful attacks, I think, that has ever been thrown my way. I have tried so hard for so many years. I just don’t understand how we got here and I feel so defeated.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney initially said she felt okay that boyfriend Scott Disick wasn’t there for the start of the trip, understanding the anxiety he gets on long vacations with her entire family, but it soon became clear she really felt otherwise. In London, Scott “felt a little guilty” as he enjoyed the nightlife solo, but thought he was better off there than “ruining” Kourtney’s trip. He managed to do that a bit, anyway, when he was photographed leaving some hot spots with some sketchy mystery women. “It’s just disappointing he let these photographs happen, even though I knew he didn’t do anything,” Kourtney told the camera, saying her baby daddy should “know better” than to put himself in that position. Kourtney continued to find Scott’s distance — literal and figurative — “disrespectful,” and was a bit jealous that stepbrother Brandon and his wife Leah were able to have some romantic alone time and she couldn’t. Scott planned to meet up with the family in Santorini, and Kourtney lamented that the situation between them “is what it is.”

Amidst the drama, Khloe made Kourtney make a “YOLO pact” to ensure they wouldn’t let some of Greece’s more exciting adventures pass them by because they were too scared or focused on tanning to partake. The two joined Brody, Brandon, and Leah for some snorkeling, which provided some much-needed comic relief. Brody later “set the YOLO bar pretty high” by jumping off the family’s yacht into the water bellow, prompting a heights-phobic Khloe to freak when Kourtney wanted to give it a try. Khloe eventually made the leap, and Kourtney was grateful she and her sister were seizing opportunities they wouldn’t ordinarily have.

Next week, viewers will see the rest of Kris and Brody’s painful confrontation, Scott’s very late arrival, and Kendall’s meltdown over seemingly being left out of the family’s activities. What do you think of the Kris-Brody debacle?

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