Kim Kardashian Finalizes Divorce, Kris Clashes With Brody Jenner on KUWTK Greece Trip (VIDEO)


By Shari Weiss


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The beginning of the Kardashians’ Greece vacation was showcased on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” but before the luxurious getaway could get started, the family had some unfinished business to handle in Los Angeles.

Kim found out a mandatory court date had been set in her divorce battle with estranged husband Kris Humphries, and was shocked to later learn that the NBA player was finally willing to settle. “I honestly can’t believe it’s been over two years and I’m finally getting a divorce,” she told the camera.

But Kim wasn’t completely content yet. “I want a one-on-one conversation with him,” she told her mom and Khloe, explaining, “It really bothers me that he really feels in his heart that I didn’t love him.” After the court session — which was closed to the cameras — Kim was “so excited” to reveal her divorce from Humphries was finalized. Interestingly, it was never mentioned whether Kim got her suggested Skype convo with Humphries.

Meanwhile, Scott Disick enlisted help planning a surprise party for Kourtney’s upcoming birthday, but she unwittingly threw a wrench in the plans. The mom of two told Scott she wanted to have her own bowling party, making her baby daddy “crazy” as he tried to get her to instead go to her favorite restaurant, where he planned the surprise get-together. When the night arrived, the family was angered to be waiting at the restaurant with Kourtney nowhere to be found — but it ultimately all worked out. “I am so surprised that everybody planned this party for little ol’ me,” Kourt told the camera after she finally arrived.

As plans were being made for upcoming Kardashian-Jenner trip to Greece, Brody Jenner was shocked to hear about it from step-brother Rob, and that his brother Brandon and sister-in-law Leah were invited — while he wasn’t. “To hear that everybody else was going and I wasn’t included, it upset me,” Brody told the camera. Dad Bruce vowed to find out why his son was left out, and confronted Kris about the exclussion. “I always feel like Brody’s so busy he doesn’t have time for us,” said the matriarch, adding, “He’s not exactly the easiest person to reach out to.”

Kris was able to get a last-minute ticket for Brody, but was upset to later learn Rob was now backing out of the trip. Rob confessed to Khloe’s husband Lamar Odom how unhappy he is with his body, and how it’s made him not want to go out. “I’m not like depressed…” he insisted, but the basketball player warned that if he doesn’t start taking care of himself physically and mentally, his relationships will suffer.

Brody, Brandon, and Leah were the first to arrive in Mykonos, prompting the former “Hills” star to wonder how Kris would react to his presence. As the trio talked, Brody was further annoyed to find out that Bruce had limited room in his own home, and recently leased a place in Malibu, saying his marriage to Kris “sounds like a nightmare.” Things were quite awkward when Kris finally arrived (with Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe in tow), setting the stage for a dramatic first dinner.

Brody claimed not to have received previous texts and phone calls from Kris, an excuse that she wasn’t buying. “I’ve been trying to reach out to you, and you don’t even respond,” she told him, prompting him to shoot back, “I wouldn’t blatantly ignore you.” With the two at odds, Brody abruptly left go to bed, and Kris said in a voiceover, “I’m seriously concerned about how the rest of the vacation is going to go.” The trip — drama and all — will continue in next week’s episode.

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