Kourtney Gets Jealous When Scott Disick Helps Kim Prepare for Baby on KUWTK


By Shari Weiss



On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the preparations for Kim Kardashian‘s baby kicked in to high gear. The mom-to-be found herself without a place to live after being notified that her new home with boyfriend Kanye West wouldn’t be renovated in time for their little one’s arrival. The news prompted Kris Jenner to suggest Kimye move in with her, promising a hideaway from paparazzi and help with caring for the baby.

“That would be like the perfect scenario,” she told her daughter, prompting to Kim to graphically complain about Kris’ black-themed shower. “I just know I’ll go crazy, go crazy living here,” Kim responded, worrying that the crowded home wouldn’t be the right “environment.” With Kanye in Paris working on his album, Kim and Kris went to look at alternative places, but felt discouraged when she didn’t find anything she liked. Kris again suggested her home, and Kim “compromised,” promising to try it out for a month. “At the end of the day, I know it’s the great place for her and my grandchild,” the thrilled matriarch told the camera. Once settled, Kim was finally happy with the decision, and noted, “It doesn’t hurt that she pampers me.” But that wasn’t the only drama.

Kourtney was put off when boyfriend Scott Disick offered to help Kim set up some baby furniture, telling the camera she found it “odd that Scott won’t lift a finger around the house but he’s like jumping up to help Kim with anything she needs.” Sure enough, Scott went over and helped Kim put together her stroller, and they later went out to eat together, further upsetting Kourtney, who was at home making dinner. Little did Kourtney know Scott had also volunteered to go to a CPR course with his pseudo-sister-in-law, leading to a fight when he later broke the news. “I don’t understand why you just weren’t honest with me and tell me where you were going,” she admonished her baby-daddy, who in turn accused her of being unhappy that he was helping Kim. Kourtney told the camera, “It’s definitely annoying that Scott is willing to go above and beyond with Kim when he never did for me.”

Setting up camp at Kris’ house, Kim enlisted Scott’s help, setting Kourtney off when she walked in and called him out for not helping her at home. “Don’t get mad at me. Get mad at Kim for being pregnant,” Scott shot back. Kim and Kris tried to defend him, further enraging an “angry and aggressive” Kourtney. “You can hang out with Scott all you want because I am over it,” she said before walking out. Back at home, Scott told Kourtney she was “making things very awkward,” and that he didn’t want any “tension.” “I think you just want me all to yourself,” he told his girlfriend. Kourtney pointed out that Scott was virtually helpless during her second pregnancy, and he acknowledged her viewpoint. “Maybe I’ve been a little more proactive with helping Kim, but the truth is I’ve learned more throughout the two experiences I had being pregnant with Kourtney,” he explained to the camera. Kourtney ultimately realized she was “overreacting,” and felt “guilty” about her behavior, as well as “touched” that Scott was helping and “growing up.”

Meanwhile, Bruce Jenner showed his competitive streak during a ping pong tournament with son Brandon. The Olympic gold medalist was goofing around at home with Brandon and Brody when he decided to enter a formal competition to see how he’d fare against his son. Bruce found himself struggling to find a practice partner — before trying to play with the housekeeper — while Brandon secretly got professional lessons, feeling it would give him an advantage over his dad. Two days before the tournament, Bruce took things into his own hands, purchasing “the most expensive, nicest” ball machine to give “him an edge against the great one.” Right before the tournament started, Bruce was shocked to find out about Brandon’s coach, but had to focus on getting “in the zone.” Unfortunately, Bruce was defeated by another competitor, but vowed to turn into his son’s “cheerleader” in the finals.

But victory was out of Brandon’s sights, too, ultimately coming in second. Still, Brandon felt rewarded, talking to his dad through the camera, “I finally got you back after all these years. I’m really happy it’s finally me standing up here and now you.” Check out video of Bruce and Brandon playing ping pong below!

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