Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Tears, Fights and Nudity on Thailand Trip

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap

By Shari Weiss


Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap


On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the Kardashian-Jenners embarked on an adventurous (read: dramatic) trip to Thailand that featured tears, fighting, and nudity.

It all started with Khloe Kardashian “homeless” in the wake of moving out of the home she shared with Lamar Odom, choosing to bunk with brother Rob until she found a place of her own. Her spirits were lifted at a family meeting where they each cast a vote for their dream vacation place, and Thailand won.

Kris Jenner was admittedly nervous about traveling with Bruce for the first time since their separation, confessing, “We tend to get a little cranky with each other if spend too much time with each other.”

The family also worried whether a depressed Rob would actually come on the trip, and Khloe noted, “Rob has deeper issues than just weight.” She speculated that her divorce from Odom was a “big hit” for her younger sibling, since the two men were extremely close and lived together.

The group tasked Khloe with keeping Rob “excited” for the vacation, and as trip planning began, Kris and Bruce were already butting heads over whether they should “relax on the beach” or “do fun stuff.” “Hearing my parents bicker is not fun,” said Kendall. “I’m just wondering if this is what the vacation is going to be like.”

Meanwhile, “I’m going to swim with my daughter ever day in the pool,” declared Kim. As she packed, Kris opened up to her about her anxiety over “spending just a crazy amount of time with Bruce.” “I don’t want to fight with him in front of the girls,” said the matriarch. Kim suggested she invite Brody, Brandon and Brandon’s wife Leah so Bruce would have someone to do activities with, and he ended up extremely excited about the idea.

The family prepared for the trip with vaccination shots, and Khloe was thrilled to see Rob get his, believing it confirmed his intentions to go with them. On the way to the airport, it was revealed Kourtney was sick and had decided not to go, with son Mason also having a double ear infection, keeping Scott Disick home as well. But on the plane, someone else was missing, too: Rob.

Khloe said he was “MIA” when she left for the airport, and he ignored her texts and phone calls, making her uncomfortable to get on a 13-hour flight without speaking to him. “I just feel helpless. I don’t wanna go, and I don’t want to leave him,” she said, and Kylie in turn threatened to not go if Khloe bailed. To avoid a “domino effect,” Khloe ultimately said she would still go even though she never got a hold of Rob, and they eventually took off.

Upon arrival, Bruce was shown to his separate room, and he remarked, “This oughta be an interesting study on how Kris and my relationship has progressed.” Bruce gave Kris “credit” for picking a “beautiful” place, and looked forward to the arrival of the “Jenner side” so they all could have an “amazing” time together.

Khloe was still unable to get a hold of Rob, and she found herself preoccupied with worry. “I just can’t forget about everything at home,” she explained, and she took offense at Kim’s suggestion that they give him “tough love.” “We’ve all been here to offer him help and he doesn’t take it,” complained Kim. Then-fiancé Kanye West was in Germany for work, so Kim planned to make him “the ultimate Thailand selfie book.”

Earlier in the episode, Kim revealed to her sisters that she and West had secretly posed for Vogue, and they promptly made jokes about it instead of offering congratulations. “My sisters’ reaction is so disappointing. This is such a big deal for me, and they could care less,” lamented Kim.

Her newest endeavor received a less-than-enthusiastic reaction, too, as she took pics in every room and location possible, including taking “a good ass selfie” and posing with an elephant, all of which earned Khloe’s ridicule. “Instead of being in the moment, she’s taking selfies,” Khloe pointed out. “I’m so over the f*cking selfies.”

The next day, Kris and Bruce clashed over whether to go shopping or do activities, but they eventually set out with the girls to go zip-lining. Kim, who is afraid of heights, found herself dizzy just climbing up the tree, and began feeling claustrophobic when they reached the platform.

It was her turn to go after Kylie, Kendall and Khloe took the plunge, and Kim had a full-on meltdown, bursting into tears and begging to go back down without doing it. “Kim is crying! Oh man, get over it!” Bruce told the camera. “We’re just zip-lining! Have a little fun!” But Kim explained, “When you become a mom, every decision that you make is just different. I’m thinking, do I really care to do this when I can be with my daughter? So why torture myself?”

Bruce and Kris made the leap together, and he freaked her out the whole day by pretending he wasn’t properly hooked on, and then not getting on to the platform right away even though he had cut his leg. “Bruce takes it to such a level that it doesn’t make it fun,” said Kris. “Here he is bleeding, and he considers it like a badge of glory, a war wound.”

The “bickering” didn’t go unnoticed by Kylie, who found her “excitement” disappear as things became more tense. As they traveled back to their private residence, Kris began to panic that their driver was going too fast. Sure enough, they ended up rear-ending the car in front of them, a crash she deemed “major.”

“What better way to end an exciting day of zip-lining than an accident,” Kris said sarcastically, and became further upset as Bruce told her to “chill out.” She was relieved to see the Jenner siblings had arrived, believing it would change the “dynamic” of the trip for the better. “I hope they’re not too tired to hang out with Bruce,” she said, “because I could use a well-deserved break.”

At nightfall, Kim donned a sheer, tight top that showed off her nipples for some extra-sexy shots for West’s gift, and Brody accidentally walked in on the shoot. “This is so embarrassing,” exclaimed Kim (see photo above). “I wanna die!” Brody was thoroughly “flustered” by the incident, but it provided some much-needed comic relief. The first two days were capped off with a family dinner, where Kris and Bruce yet again argued over plans.

Everyone looked on awkwardly as Kris admitted to them all, “He is driving me crazy… I think it’s unfair of you to expect everyone else on the trip to do what exactly what you want to do.” Kris stormed off, “I can’t. This is just ridiculous.”

Kendall and Kylie went on to confront her, believing she was “lying” about what was bothering her, and that there were deeper issues at play. They in turn stormed off just as Bruce walked in. The vacation, for better or worse, will be continued in next week’s episode as part of a three-part special.

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