Kim and Khloe Get Competitive, Kris Meddles in Kourtney + Scott’s Finances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians (RECAP)

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By Shari Weiss




On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s sibling rivalry reached new heights, while a meddling Kris Jenner tried to get involved in Kourtney and Scott Disick’s finances.

Kim and Khloe agreed to do a mud run obstacle course together, and in preparation, went on a hike with brother Rob, during which tensions began surfacing. “All Kim talks about is fitness and what she’s eating,” Khloe complained. “I feel like everything is a competition.” She went on, “It’s annoying me. She’s like ‘Did you work out today? What did you do today?’ She’s like egging me on and taking it to another level.”

Khloe enlisted Kourtney to help her strengthen up through aerial acrobatics, which proved to be a lot of fun once they worked up the nerve to get in the air. “You’ve got something on Kim,” Kourtney told her. “She doesn’t have any of this talent.”

Kim later showed her sisters her skimpy outfit for the event, prompting Khloe to quip, “Maybe that’s your plan, to like distract everyone… Kim just think she’s a Hottie McHottie.” Both, however, vowed to take the other down when it was game time, with Khloe explaining, “I get to prove to Kim once and for all that she’s not the only fit one in the family anymore.”

At the race, Kim boasted about weighing 125 pounds, five less than she was before her pregnancy, and argued, “Once you become a mom, you’re just stronger at everything.” The course involved climbing over tires, going up stairs, hoisting yourself over walls with a rope and more challenging tasks.

Khloe predicted that Kim would go at a mild pace compared to her “vengeance” style, and soon enough, a mile in, Kim was lagging behind. But Kim caught up when Khloe lost her shoe, and the two began mud wrestling and fretting about dirt in their vaginas. “I realized I just cannot beat Khloe. There’s nothing I can do,” confessed Kim “At this point, I just wanna get through this race without Khloe body slamming me one more time.” In the end, Khloe was happy to have “some sister-sister time.”

Scott was still grieving the loss of his parents, telling Bruce Jenner, “It’s baffling that this is the life that we live… It’s the worst.” The businessman took comfort in his extended Kardashian-Jenner family, though, telling his pseudo-father-in-law, “Thank god for everybody.” Bruce encouraged Scott to be a “participant” in life, and soon he was telling the family he wanted to buy a helicopter and keep it at home. “I’m into anything luxurious, obviously,” he explained, and enlisted Bruce to be his pilot.

Kourtney talked the idea over with Kris, and worried that a helipad in their backyard would be “dangerous.” At the same time, she was afraid of making the same marriage mistakes as her mom, bluntly telling her, “I also don’t want to tell him no to everything like you did to Bruce.” Kris pointed out the extreme cost associated with Scott’s idea, and stressed that they just bought a new home and have two kids to one day send to college. “I think in any relationship one person is the voice of reason, and I think that means spending money on things that are beneficial for the whole family,” said the matriarch, hoping Kourtney would put the kibosh on the plans.

Instead, Kourtney told Scott it was up to him whether they installed the chopper pad. “Are you sure this isn’t reverse psychology you’re trying to pull on me?” he asked her. “Because you’ve done it before.” But she explained to the camera, “Scott has been really depressed, and I don’t want to kill his joy. And I don’t want to be the boss telling him what to do.”

Scott had a heliport consultant come to the home, where he was “educated” on what work the backyard would need to become ready. Bruce joined in, thinking the plan was “amazing,” but admitted to being “shocked” that Kourtney was allowing it.

At an airport, Scott’s dream only grew, wanting a bigger chopper than he was first shown, and even joking that he could get a “fleet” with uniformed staffers. “It’s a lot of money to fork out,” he acknowledged, “but it’s good balance.” Bruce noted Scott’s uplifted spirits, commenting, “It’s good to see him get excited about something. And a guy who loves toys, me and him, there’s nothing better!”

Scott later surprised Bruce with his own pilot outfit, branded with “L Disick Air,” but Kris was even more shocked that the plan was still moving forward. “I can’t believe that Kourtney hasn’t confronted Scott and talked some sense into him yet,” she told the camera. Bruce pointed out to her that they used to fly a lot together, and Kris revealed, “He had sex with me in the back of the plane and nobody was flying it. That’s not good judgment.”

Kris went on to confront Kourtney about not putting an end to the idea. “I’m not being bossy like you,” Kourtney shot back. “He’s an adult, and he’s free to do whatever he wants. He can make his decision on his own.” She further explained to the camera, “My mom has been telling Bruce what to do for years and years, and it makes Bruce resentful. So I definitely don’t want to be in that situation.”

Scott, however, started having second thoughts when he saw how much property had to be marked off, and worried “it could be a bit of an eyesore.” He later made the decision to scrap the entire project in favor of getting a massive slide for son Mason. “A little more kid-friendly,” he explained, seeming entirely satisfied and proud to do something for his family. “I’m actually happy Kourtney let me make the decision on my own.”

Kris later asked Kendall if she’s “controlling when it comes to daddy,” and the teen said she “understood” where Bruce was coming from all these years, before asking her mom if that’s why they separated. “He definitely knows the way I am and has lived with me, as he’ll tell you, for a quarter of a century,” replied Kris. “But I think people sometimes just grow apart. We still love each other and we still are family. It’s just sometimes people need a break from each other.”

Kris and Bruce later took a stroll on the beach, where they had a heart-to-heart about her controlling nature. “I don’t want to be a crazy bitch,” she told him,” and went on to “apologize” for preventing him from doing things he wanted over the years. Bruce reminded her that she’s loved and well-meaning, and they resolidified their everlasting friendship.

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