Kim Excludes Kris From Wedding Planning, Khloe Heats Up With French Montana on Keeping Up with the Kardashians (RECAP)

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Keeping Up with The Kardashians Recap

By Shari Weiss


Keeping Up with The Kardashians Recap


On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding planning kicked into high gear — without the help of a certain momager — and Khloe Kardashian secretly heated up with new beau French Montana.

The episode kicked off with Kim and Kourtney talking about that “French guy,” claiming their sister was being “shady” about her “new posse.”

“He’s just like so not her type,” said Kim. “I thought she only liked black guys. This is like the first non-black guy she’s been with.”

Kim went on to open up about the “pressure” of her approaching wedding, showing Kourtney, Kris Jenner and Scott Disick some of the ideas she and West were working on.

Kris kept chiming in with her two cents, repeatedly using the “we” phrase, and felt offended that she wasn’t part of the organizing when Kim specifically told her that her “input” wasn’t wanted.

As Kim detailed some of the extravagant plans, Scott amusingly quipped, “I appreciate you leaving it super low-end so we don’t have to reach if we ever do anything.”

Khloe, meanwhile, guest-hosted “Chelsea Lately,” and was upset when her “mom-slash-manager” was MIA, even after asking that all the kids be “equally” treated.

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“I don’t even feel like I have gotten even 10 percent of what I should get out of my mother, or my manger,” she complained.

Kris was later late for a design meeting at Khloe’s new home, again making her feel like she wasn’t a “priority,” leading her to tell pals, “She is irking the sh*t out of me.”

As the family all gathered for Mother’s Day at Kris’ home, tensions came to a boiling point when Khloe got an email with uncomfortable questions for an interview.

“I’m going to get someone new to run my sh*t,” she yelled at her mother as Kris played dumb. “You authorized it — work, mom!”

An infuriated Khloe went on screaming, “My mom and my manager should have my back!”

Khloe was particularly angered because her one stipulation was no relationship questions, and the very first one was about her marriage.

Kourtney pointed out that while they weren’t “the nicest comments,” her sister had a right to be upset with all that is going on with her right now.

Kim tried to explain Khloe’s perspective to Kris, but she didn’t “understand where all this anger is coming from.”

Of course, Kim and Kris continued to have their own issues too, clashing over booking flights, whether Kris could host a bridal shower, and other wedding details.

Kris complained that she was missing key information, saying, “You’re having a wedding. I don’t even know what’s going on.”

Kim listed all the things she’s juggling, and killed Kris’ idea of a bridal shower party before agreeing to a “small” dinner with her pals.

“I’m honestly exhausted from like having to fend my mom off,” said Kim. “I’ll throw her a bone.”

The situation worsened, however, when Kim found out Kris secretly obtained all the wedding vendor information.

“My mom has gone behind my back, and called the wedding planner, and this just isn’t fair,” vented Kim. “This is our wedding and we want it our way.”

Khloe, meanwhile, apologized to her mom for how she spoke to her, but not the points that were made.

“I should be able to trust you, first and foremost, but I don’t want to feel like that I have to be on my guard by you,” she told Kris. “I want to feel protected by you, not excluded by you.”

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Kris vowed her undying service, and the two seemingly made up — and then it was Kim’s turn to lash out.

“You have your signature style and Kanye and I really, really, really want this wedding to be just about me and him,” she said as she confronted her mother about overstepping. “I’ve said to you five times like that.”

Kim went on to tell the camera that it’s unacceptable for her mom to go against Kanye and her wishes, and Kim went as far nixing Kris’ desired bridal dinner, and saying she wanted to move out.

“Kim, stop it!” exclaimed Kris. “Stop being so dramatic.”

Kris told the camera, “Well, this certainly backfired. Everything is a complete mess. Everything is my fault. And no good deed goes unpunished.”

Khloe and Kourtney discussed that they don’t know whether Rob will actually attend the wedding, and Kourt changed the subject in hopes of getting details about her sister’s love life.

“My sisters are just so nosy,” complained Khloe. “And on top of that, my family is — shocker — so judgmental. No one has time for that right now.”

Khloe further said, “I’m still going through a divorce. I don’t feel I have to let everybody in on my life if I don’t even know what I’m doing.”

Kourtney, however, was convinced “something is going on,” but then found herself dealing with a more pressing issue: Kris’ non-stop calling when Kim came to stay at Kourtney’s home.

“I think my mom has to learn boundaries. I’ve explained this to my mom over and over again, and she just doesn’t hear me,” said Kim. “At some point I just have to put my foot down.”

Kourtney said she “understood” why Kim was upset, but after two days of not talking and Kris saying she wouldn’t go to the wedding, she encouraged the two to make up.

Kim eventually went home to apologize, taking responsibility for being “dramatic,” but again stressing she wants independence when it comes to the wedding.

The pair quickly started fighting again, but Kris promised to try to “lighten up” and “go with the flow.”

“I know my mom’s heart is in the right place,” Kim said. “Hopefully there’ll be no more drama from here on out.”

With the wedding issues seemingly resolved, Kim turned her attention back to Khloe’s personal life, asking if she planned to remove her “LO” tattoo.

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Kim then transitioned to asking her sister about her “double life,” calling it “annoying” that she’s finding out more online than from Khloe herself.

Khloe retorted, “A double life is what I did [with Lamar Odom], constantly hiding what someone else was doing.”

But Kim decided to take matters in her own hands, enlisting Jonathan Cheban to help her spy on a nightclub party hosted by French in hopes of catching the secret couple in the act.

During their stakeout, however, they ended up spying Odom arriving at the exact same time Khloe was about to make her entrance.

“Lamar had to have known they were going to be here. It was like a publicized thing,” said Kim. “All of a sudden he shows up.”

Kim left her car to clue in Khloe, who was in her own car with French, and found her sister totally flabbergasted that both she and Odom were there.

Khloe began to panic, with French wondering if Odom wanted to confront him, but she refused “to start sh*t.”

Management said they would prevent Odom from entering, but Khloe adamantly insisted she didn’t want that, saying she wasn’t “spiteful,” and had no interest in being “petty.”

But the club’s security overruled her fearing a fight could break out, forcing Odom to leave.

The Kardashians were then welcomed in, allowing Kim to finally meet Khloe’s friends and new boyfriend.

“It is so obvious that Khloe and French are dating. They’re so cute, and he’s so sweet with her,” Kim told the camera.

Khloe, however, was still uncomfortable over the Odom incident, saying how she changed her number and now he seemed to be following her, while French swore he would never show up to another guy’s party.

But she was very glad to have her supportive sister on hand.

“It happened in the way it was supposed to,” Khloe said. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if Kim wasn’t there.”

She went on, “I’m still going to hold things closer to my heart… but it’s good that I’m slowly letting them in.”

Just two weeks left until the two-night “KUWTK” season finale event on August 31 and September 1!

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