Khloe Kardashian Robbed, Numbs Lamar Odom Pain With Alcohol, Bruce Jenner Clashes With Brody on KUWTK – RECAP!

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By Shari Weiss


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On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Khloe Kardashian dealt with strong emotions about her split from Lamar Odom before getting robbed, and Bruce Jenner struggled to improve his relationship with son Brody.

The episode kicked off with Khloe in the midst of preparing to move in with brother Rob, and packing up the home she shared with Lamar. Kourtney told her that she can be a “ho” again, but Khloe was somewhat offended by the idea. “Being married, you still need to be a whore with your husband,” she told her. “I don’t want to be out on the streets. That makes me so sad.”Khloe further confessed, “I get emotional about it every day, so to even try and think about dating anyone makes me really uncomfortable.”

The sisters went to New York to meet up with Kim and explore new locations for their DASH store. “The last time I was here, that’s when Lamar went missing,” Khloe recalled. She told the camera, “It’s just like everything I do reminds me of Lamar… a lot of thoughts and memories, and not necessarily things I want to think about right now.”

The trio of siblings visited various locations (with Khloe wearing her spray-painted faux fur coat), and Khloe spoke to Lamar via phone about his going to Europe to play basketball. She expressed concern about his living arrangements and clothing, and admitted to the girls, “I’m not very happy about it.” “He’s leaving, and I don’t get to say goodbye,” she said, with Kim revealing Khloe had initially planned to go with Odom overseas.

Back at home, Khloe lamented Lamar’s media interviews, in which he would allegedly mislead reporters on the state of their relationship, and became increasingly frustrated. “One day she’s sad, one day she’s happy, one day she’s angry,” Kourtney told the camera. “It’s really hard for me as her sister to see her go through these emotions.” Khloe went on to angrily reveal that she lied about spending her birthday with him last year, because Lamar was allegedly “missing with another girl.”

Khloe later blew off some steam by throwing Kendall a wild welcome home party (after she was away for modeling gigs), and got a little crazy with alcohol before a drastic mood change from giddy to pissed off. She went on to tipsily vent to mom Kris, who said Lamar “probably just wants things to go back to the way they were,” and expressed love for him regardless of whether he’s part of the family. “He’s available if you wanna f*ck ’em and date him,” Khloe sniped back.

She explained to the camera, “I just hate that things are being painted almost in like his benefit.” “I was the one that was always begging ‘please let’s fix this, let’s go to therapy,'” she said. “And it’s kind of heartbreaking when your mother doesn’t take your side.”

Khloe planned to throw another party to say goodbye to her home, and Kourtney complained, “She’s turning into a party animal, drunky monkey.” Khloe strongly disagreed, calling her sister judgmental, and stressing that she only throws a party “like once every three months.”

At the shindig, Kourtney and Khloe continued to clash over her desire to party. “It’s obvious that Khloe is trying to occupy her time with partying, because I think she just doesn’t want to face that she’s moving out of the home that she and Lamar built together,” said Kourtney. “But I think she just needs to deal with her feelings instead of masking them.”

Another day, Khloe showed up to her mom’s house seemingly drunk, and quickly clashed with her over wanting to throw another “fiesta.” Kris explained, “Khloe always tries to put her best face forward, but I really do feel there’s a lot more going on inside that she lets on.” And Khloe told the matriarch as Kourtney and Kim looked on concerned, “I don’t have time to process my feelings because I’m constantly busy.”

As Khloe continued to pack, Bruce paid a visit to try to cheer her up and “let her know that I’m here for her and love her.” Bruce asked if she’s “turned to alcohol,” telling her she shouldn’t avoid her feelings, and Khloe said it wasn’t like that, but admitted to being “stressed.”

“Bruce definitely has a point to what he’s saying. I know I can’t hide everything forever, and I’m not trying to,” she said in a confessional. “But my personality is more to let me laugh instead of cry, and let me enjoy the moments that I can.” She candidly told her stepdad, “I really have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just scared.”

The family eventually gathered to help an extremely sad Khloe remove the final belongings from her home, and she was shocked to discover jewelry missing. “We are in the middle of my move, and I just discover that someone selectively took the majority of Lamar’s jewelry,” said Khloe. “I feel horrible. I feel, like, disgusted.” She went on, “I’ve been violated so much recently, it’s almost the straw that’s breaking the camel’s back. There’s only so much I can take.” And Khloe explained to her family, “I just want to know who was in my home.. So vulnerable already. Who took my f*cking stuff?” Khloe went on blame herself, saying she “failed” Lamar, and Kris became emotional seeing her daughter so hard on herself.

The police arrived to take a report about the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in missing items, and Khloe told the cops that Lamar was “very upset” to hear about the robbery. “I now have to question and look at the people that I love and let into my home differently,” she said.

Khloe concluded, “At the beginning the house had so many phenomenal memories, and at the end there’s so many I don’t want to remember. I feel like sh*t, but I guess that’s the way it was supposed to end.”

Meanwhile, Bruce paid Brody a surprise visit, complaining that his son (much like with Kylie on an episode last month) hasn’t made much time for him. “There was a long time there where Brandon, Brody and I, we weren’t that close. We’ve talked a lot about it,” Bruce explained. “You can’t change the past but we can move forward. Hopefully Brody understands that.” Bruce asked Brody to join him in a golf tournament, and he was initially reluctant before agreeing. “Can I trust you on this?” the patriarch asked, and Brody promised he could.

Bruce later expressed his frustrations to Brandon, who stressed that Brody has always been difficult “to get a hold of.” “Don’t take it personally,” he told his father. Brody was significantly late for a practice session, and immediately told his father, “I don’t even wanna hear it.” Bruce questioned his commitment, and told the camera, “All I wanna do is spend some good quality time with Brody, and sometimes I really get the feeling that he doesn’t want to spend time with me. That hurts,” he added.

During a hangout with Brandon and Kendall, Brody bad-mouthed their dad over his hassling, a big change from last year when he was feeling left out of Bruce’s life. Kendall said she “takes time out of [her] day” to spend time with him, and Brandon said that if he wants a good relationship with their pops, he has to make a “sacrifice.”

Brody went on to visit his dad, and told him, “In all seriousness, I love the fact that you want to reach out now.” He continued, “I don’t like when you the put the energy out there like I’m lazy, or I’m just going on surf posts, or I’m not doing anything, and that’s not the case.”

Bruce said he’s been trying “for the past few years” to mend their relationship, and went as far as saying it’s “easier with Brandon.” “I will try to lighten up,” the Olympian promised. At the tournament, father and son had “fun,” and mutually expressed how they “love” hanging out together.

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