Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: Family Vacation Turns Into ‘Trip From Hell’

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap

By Shari Weiss


Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap


“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” aired part two of its vacation special on Sunday, showcasing what a disaster their Thailand trip turned into when all the family’s drama finally boiled over.

As Gossip Cop reported, last week’s episode highlighted Khloe Kardashian struggling to be away from a depressed Rob, who bailed on coming at the last minute, and clashing with sister Kim on whether to still make the best of the trip. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, meanwhile, were upset over their parents fighting, as Kris and Bruce repeatedly butted heads over how to spend their time.

The second part picked up with Kim continuing to take provocative pictures for her sexy selfie book for Kanye West, a process that stepbrother Brody had walked in on while she was wearing a see-through top. If that wasn’t awkward enough, when Kim headed to the beach for a shoot in a skimpy bikini, she declared, “My literal vagina is hanging out.”

Afterward, Khloe discovered Kylie and Kendall were both missing from their rooms at the private residence, and no one had any idea where they were. “Where the hell did these girls go?” exclaimed Bruce, and Kris was worried that the girls had really “run away” in a foreign country.

Brody assumed the girls were just messing with them, but Kris insisted the family split into two groups — but Brody refused to “play their stupid game.” Khloe noted, “I don’t understand what makes them think it’s okay to just leave… This is like the vacation from hell.”

She teamed up with Kim to check area hotels that the girls might have checked into, while Kris, Bruce, Brandon and wife Leah did the same at shops and taxi locations. They discovered via a taxi service that the pair headed “to town,” just as Khloe received a picture of them on a specific beach.

“What look little b*tches they are. What mother*ckers they are,” declared Khloe, expressing she was glad they were safe but couldn’t understand their “sick prank.” Kris and company set off to capture the “bratty teenagers,” but they had already disappeared from the beach, and the wild goose chase became a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Bruce became increasingly angry, and started blaming Kris since the girls went MIA not long after they had a tense exchange. “I guess this is because I’m a horrible mother,” she shot back. “I’m a bad person. You want to say it, so just say it — this is my fault.”

Additional pictures the girls sent showed them at a hair-braiding place and then getting massages, where Kim and Khloe eventually found them. “We just needed some alone time,” explained Kylie as she and her sister laughed as if leaving was just no big deal. When Brandon finally saw them, he exclaimed, “You little bastards,” and Kris admitted, “I’ve never been so happy and so mad to see someone in my entire life.”

Bruce demanded an explanation, but didn’t really get one. “I can understand why my parents were a little upset,” Kendall told the camera, “[But] we just needed a break from my parents, and sent them pictures to reassure them.” She went on, “Maybe if my parents stop fighting and enjoy Thailand, they might learn to like each other again.”

Things lightened up as the clan took a yacht ride, with Kris hoping the tide would turn (pun intended) for good. There were some amusing moments as Leah and Brandon teased Brody about getting aroused when he walked in on Kim, and Kendall quickly realized they were talking about a “boner” and “foreplay,” shocking her older brother.

“I think it’s hilarious that Brody walked in on Kim and got a half-chub. I like to know these things,” she confessed. Brody went on to tell Kris about the incident, and she said she always thought he had been crushing on Kim since he was 7, but Brody said it was Brandon — and that the two even kissed once.

The family paired off to go canoeing through caves, and Kris and Bruce couldn’t even get into the canoe without arguing. “The fact that my parents are still fighting — they’re ruining the entire trip for us,” said Khloe, adding, “It’s not fun anymore.” Khloe ended up in a canoe by herself when Brody went with Kim, and noted, “It’s not the first time I’ve been ditched for Kim.”

Kris eventually acknowledged she was “grateful” for Bruce’s activity suggestions, as certain ones such as the canoe ride were “once in a lifetime” experiences. But it only made Khloe more upset that Rob didn’t come, and she said she was “sad” he was “missing out on our family memories.” She told Brandon that Rob “never leaves the house,” and is “very depressed,” and became frustrated when Kim again suggested showing “tough love.” “It’s been over a year now that he’s been like this. We’ve all tried to help him, and it’s just like a cycle,” said Kim.

Khloe complained to the camera, “I’ve been living with Rob for the past four years while Kim has been in her own world.” She found some solace with Brody, who had gone below deck because he was tired of being teased, especially once Kim joined in by fake flirting with him. “You’re the one that needs love and support,” Brody told her, saying that Rob “needs help,” too, and encouraging her to not feel guilty.

Khloe revealed that Rob once told her, “Being in [our] house, it was so dark, it made me do dark things.” “Only Lamar [Odom], Rob and I know what happened in the house and I definitely feel guilty, and I don’t care what anyone says…,” she confessed. “I was not there to protect Rob, I wasn’t even protecting myself. No one can make me not feel guilty.

Kim, meanwhile, told Brandon that the family thought Khloe moving into Rob’s new place would be a good thing, as she could keep an eye on him, but, “She can’t even help herself right now, because she’s so depressed about what’s going on.” “It’s gotten worse and worse,” she said.

That night, Brody decided to get back at Kim by laying completely naked on her bed with just a leaf covering his crotch (photo below), and she was floored when she eventually walked in while holding North. “This is so gross,” declared a half-disgusted, half-amused Kim. “I do not want to see you.” She went on take pics and vowed to blackmail him in the future if need be.

At a group dinner, Bruce told Kendall and Kylie that they better never pull any similar stunt, and Kris told them, “I think you guys think you’re invincible sometimes, and you’re not.” Kylie said “love” was missing from the trip, and Kris finally realized why they were so upset.

“I get what Kylie’s saying, and she’s right. Bruce and I have been at each other’s throats the entire time that we’re in Thailand,” she continued. “Bruce and I are still trying to figure out relationship this. It has ups and downs, and Kendall and Kylie get really frustrated with this.” Kris clued Bruce in, and he amusingly wondered, “Why did I have all these girls?. Life’s too complicated.”

The family dinner took on a much more heartfelt tone, with a toast from Kris noting that,”No matter what happens, we always come together at the end of the day because there’s a lot of love here.” But the peace didn’t last long — Khloe revealed she was trying to get a flight to leave early and return home.

Kim couldn’t understand why she would do that, and the two traded barbs about Kim’s selfie-taking and Khloe being “miserable” and dating “50 rappers.” “I almost punched Kim in her f*cking face,” Khloe told Kendall after, and she replied, “I almost punched her for you.” Khloe insisted she wasn’t a miserable person, but just going through “miserable sh*t,” and name-calling wouldn’t help but instead “validate” why she wants to go home.

The next day, Khloe was torn on whether to leave, and Kim and Kris discussed how it all went back to Rob. Kris started crying when she admitted how worried she, too, is about her only son. “You don’t think it’s torture for me, to be here in Thailand and him at home?” she said. “I need to learn I can’t control everybody’s behavior, and that’s how Khloe feels.”

Their talk made Kim understand better why Khloe so upset, and she noted, “It’s so unhealthy — going from Lamar and then having to deal with all of [this].” “She just has to, like, save herself,” declared Kim. The three-part vacation special concludes next week with the family volunteering with local kids and Brody getting into fight at a bar. Will Khloe still be there?

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