Kendall Jenner Celebrates 18th Birthday, Bruce and Kris Have Major Fight on KUWTK

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By Shari Weiss



Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” added some charity to its usual mix of hijinks and drama.

In addition to celebrating Kendall Jenner’s 18th birthday at Magic Mountain and Bruce clashing with Kris, the family also held a yard sale with proceeds going to No Kid Hungry.

It all began with Kendall figuring out her birthday plans when she decided to drop a bomb on her family: she wants to move out.

“I just want to push it as far away as I can, and not let it come any time soon,” Kris admitted to the camera, telling pals that she’ll feel a “void” with her house being emptier — especially with Bruce now living full-time in Malibu.

Kendall told her dad she was serious about wanting to buy a house, and revealed she already has a realtor, prompting her dad to warn her what a big deal that is and how “fortunate” she is to be able to afford her own home.

Still, he was supportive of the idea, saying she should have more responsibilities — but also quipping to the camera, “Kendall wants to get away from everything at the house. Like father, like daughter. Go Kendall!”

Kendall and Bruce went house-hunting together in Malibu, but the teen lamented not finding anything she was “in love with,” and the situation came to a head as the clan partied at the amusement park (which they rented out to have to themselves, natch).

Kris told Bruce it’s “weird” that they’re on “opposite pages” over the issue, and wondered why he was in a “rush” to get her out of the house, but the patriarch said he didn’t want to discuss it in such a festive atmosphere.

His refusal didn’t go over well, and Kris continued to press the issue, telling him, “I’m upset that you keep taking Kendall’s side.”

Bruce, who said that he moved out at 18, pointed out, “She’s a lot more mature than Kim was at 18 when she moved out, and you didn’t have problems with that.”

“It’s a little suspicious that Bruce wants her to move to Malibu so she can be closer to him, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” Kris told the camera.

Back at the house, a full-on argument erupted, and Bruce told Kris, “Here’s what I think: I’m gone, Kendall’s going, Kylie’s not far behind. You’re all alone in this big house.”

Kendall interrupted the pair, saying, “Guys, I’m legally an adult, I can do whatever I want. I don’t want you guys to use me as a reason to get upset at each other.”

It seems that was all it took to get Kris to back down, telling her daughter she would support her.

Amidst the moving controversy, Khloe pressured a reluctant Bruce into celebrating his own birthday.

“The only person I feel like cares is you, Kendall, Kylie. After that, they could care less,” said the former athlete.

Khloe went on to tell Kourtney and Kim that their stepdad feels left out, and suggested they have a birthday dinner.

“Of course Khloe, little miss perfect, thinks of everything first just to make us look bad,” Kim sniped to the camera, telling Kourtney that their sister wants to be the “favorite” daughter.

The pair decided to up the ante by finding Bruce’s old Olympic pals to surprise him. But at the dinner, only Khloe, Kendall, Brandon and Leah Jenner initially showed up.

Bruce lamented the small gathering, saying it was why he didn’t want to do anything in the first place, but Kris, Kim, and Kylie eventually joined.

The party improved even more when two of Bruce’s 1976 decathlon teammates showed up, leaving him happily stunned, and everyone had a good time joking around and reminiscing.

“I just want to say happy birthday to one of the greatest guys in the universe,” Kris said during her toast.

Bruce realized that “my family still loves me,” saying they got him “a present I could never buy… It honestly means a lot to me.”

And Kris told the camera that she and Bruce have been through a lot with each other, and now look forward to “new chapters” together.

Kourtney came up with the idea of having a yard sale after boyfriend Scott Disick complained about all the junk in their garage.

“My favorite thing in life would be to have a yard sale,” Kourtney admitted, revealing they were a staple of her childhood.

“Calling all hoarders,” Kourtney convinced her siblings to join in, even though they insisted they don’t have anything to get rid of.

“My mom is definitely one of the worst. My mom thinks she should be keeping this little tooth pick from when she had dinner with her best friend Sally,” joked Kourt.

Kris eventually came on board, prompting Bruce to ask, “What, are you getting rid of all my stuff?”

The matriarch insisted she wasn’t, and the family decided to donate the proceeds to charities and match whatever they raise.

The tables soon turned, however, when Kourtney had “the least amount of things” to contribute to the sale, with the reality star even wondering if she wanted to buy anything the family was offering up.

The group went on to sell clothing, and other mementos, including the book that Kim said “got me through my first divorce.”

In the end, the event was a big success.

“Everything has a story behind it. It’s like emotional to me,” Kourtney confessed. “But I’m happy to see that somebody else can enjoy all these things.”

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