Kim Upset, Unexcited for Pregnancy on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Premiere


By Shari Weiss



“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” had its season 8 premiere on Sunday, and largely focused on Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. In the episode, viewers got to see the family’s excitement over the big news — and Kardashian’s difficulty adjusting to her new lifestyle.

Kardashian admitted to being “overwhelmed” at being “very pregnant,” still not yet divorced from Kris Humphries, and looking for a new home. The mom-to-be went on to complain about the “stress” of going to court over the divorce, saying she was “exhausted emotionally.”

At an ultrasound, Kardashian found it hard to be excited about her pregnancy, not even wanting sonogram pictures, and later found herself confused about baby-proofing. “I just think you’re in for a major wake-up call,” Khloe told her. “Like, I don’t think you get it.” Kim couldn’t hold back her tears when she cried to her mom about being “scared” she’ll have her baby with Kanye West while still married to someone else. “I feel very blessed. [But] I’m just dealing with so many other things,” she told Kris. “I need everyone to just hold back.”

Kris, realizing how upset Kim was about the state of her life, encouraged sisters Khloe and Kourtney to show more support. To show they’re “all in this together,” the girls surprised Kim at her next sonogram, where — at just shy of 20 weeks — she finally found out the sex of her baby. Kim was elated at the news that her little one will be a girl, especially since that’s what West was hoping for. “I finally feel like I’m at a really good place being pregnant,” she later decided, before playing the rapper’s songs and telling her tummy, “This is your daddy singing.”

A sex talk between Scott Disick and Rob Kardashian turned awkward when “Lord Disick” said he believes Khloe and Lamar Odom have “backdoor sex,” and urged a disgusted Kourtney to try it. “If I keep knockin’, that door’s gonna open,” quipped a determined Disick. Khloe suggested Kourtney turn the tables on her boyfriend, and Disick absolutely freaked out at the notion. “Are you insane?” he asked his baby mama. “This isn’t a two-way street.” He became further appalled when Kourtney actually put on a strap-on and chased her beau around their home. “I’m starting to kind of understand your way about this now,” he confessed, promising to drop the subject.

Kris and Bruce Jenner clashed, too, over what’s appropriate to be done in their home and when, with the Olympic medalist arguing that he doesn’t have his own space. Bruce announced he was getting his own place, a man cave of sorts, upsetting daughters Kendall and Kylie, even though he swore “everything is fine.” “Maybe lonely would be good,” he admitted while house-hunting with Rob, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner and his wife Leah. Kris said the idea was “mutual,” and insisted she and her husband don’t want to get a divorce, but create an “extended friendship.” In response to Khloe’s criticism, Kris told her daughter, “Until you’ve been married for 23 years, don’t judge our relationship.”

Bruce quickly felt right at home at his new place in Malibu, but Kris almost as quickly realized how much she missed him. But when she made a surprise visit at the new pad and upset Bruce by criticizing it, he refused to give in to her demands to come home. When he did eventually show up, Kris impressed him by dressing up and throwing a dinner in their dining room reminiscent of their first date. That was enough to rekindle some of their own romance, and get the pair to re-commit to each other. What do you think of tonight’s season premiere?

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