Khloe Kardashian Files for Divorce, Rob Finds Out Liver Is Failing On KUWTK Finale

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By Shari Weiss



Emotions ran high on the midseason finale of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on Sunday, where Khloe Kardashian decided to end her marriage, Rob Kardashian found out his liver was failing, and Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were forced to confront their trust issues.

Khloe found herself increasingly frustrated with husband Lamar Odom’s long disappearances despite her attempts to fix their relationship, and Kim told the camera it “breaks my heart” to see her trying so hard with no success.


Traveling aboard for Kardashian Kollection, Khloe embraced “the distraction” until reporters began asking her about Lamar, whom she hadn’t seen in more than a month. Khloe was further upset by a disturbing video of Lamar rapping about cheating on her, prompting her best friend Malika to call Kim and urge her to sit down with her sister for a serious talk about the situation.

When Khloe returned from her trip, Kim dropped by with Kourtney and Malika to help her “face reality a little bit.” “I just don’t want you to put your life on hold when you have already for so long,” Kim explained, and Kourtney said “it’s unfair you’re alone in your marriage.”

Khloe confessed, “[Deciding to divorce] is not something I ever thought I’d have to do.” Both she and Kim started to cry, and Khloe said she told Lamar that if he keeps skipping therapy sessions, she’ll file for divorce. “The saddest part is when you do that and it doesn’t even rattle the person when I threaten it,” cried Khloe.

Kim stressed that Lamar is “choosing this other life over the life you’ve given him,” believing it would “take years” to fix the damage he’s caused if they decided to stay together. Khloe later officially filed, but confessed that she felt “guilty” and the paparazzi were only adding to her anxiety.

“Nobody knows what you’ve been going through,” mom Kris Jenner told her. “They only know what they see or read or believe.” Kris asked Khloe if she could ever see herself with Lamar in the future, and she refused to answer.

“There is nothing more you possibly could’ve done,” Kim told her, admitting she felt guilty about splitting from Kris Humphries “for a year.”

Kris told the camera, “Khloe has really been put through hell… She had so much passion and love with Lamar and that’s going to be a hard thing to get over.” “It’s hard for all of us, because we were all in love with Lamar,” a tearful Kris said as a montage of the family’s positive moments with the basketball player played. “I think at this point we just want to pray for his happiness. We love him very much, and we wish him the best.”

As Khloe was figuring out what to do about Lamar, Kourtney and Scott set off on a retreat in hopes of helping him cope with the loss of his mother, kicking things off with a “quantum leap” challenge to help the couple with communication. Though the activity was Kourtney’s idea, she freaked out during her climb up and adamantly refused help from Scott, telling him not to touch her.

“The whole thing is about trust, and I just do not trust Scott to pull me up onto the platform,” she told the camera, saying her nerves were because she likes to “be in control.” The pair eventually made the leap, and Kourtney later brought him to a “talking circle” so Scott could open up about his feelings.

The dad of two expressed a desire to “believe in something bigger than myself,” admitting he uses materialism as a cover for his personal struggles, and confessing that he doesn’t know how to deal with something like losing a parent without any true belief system. But when it was Kourtney’s turn, she didn’t want to talk, prompting Scott to call her out later for bailing on her own idea. “I poured my heart out,” he told her, with Kourtney replying, “But I’m not into it.”

Scott arranged a “wellness walk” the next day, telling the camera that “Kourt always wants me to be vulnerable and tell her what’s on my mind, but she has to be open, too.” Again Kourtney declined to talk about her feelings, and the counselor pointed out that the reality star tends to “shelf” her feelings and shut down, instead of accessing her emotions. “I love her for who she is, and the truth is she is kind of a blocked off person, but I wouldn’t want to change her,” Scott explained.

Kourtney later decided to take Scott to one of her college hangouts nearby to share part of her history, and she admitted that trusting him is one of her main issues. “I wish you would rely on me more, and not just call your mom or somebody,” he told her, and Kourtney accepted his pleas.

Rob, who had been struggling with his weight, had blood work done at his mom’s urging, and Kris was stunned when she received the results. The doctor warned her that Rob was on the path to diabetes and organ failure, and Kris enlisted a nutritionist to help get him on the right track.

“Your liver is supposed to be between 0 and 44 — it’s 217. Your liver is shutting down,” the matriarch told him. “This is life-threatening at this point.” As Kris urged him to make his health his top priority, Rob told the camera, “My dad passed away super early, and obviously my sisters could not handle that again with me, and that’s what everyone is worrying about.”

They later went to get some of Rob’s tattoos removed, an act Kris thought was a cover for his body issues, and he asked about help for stretch marks, too. When Kim arrived, Rob said he didn’t want to have the cameras film with his shirt off, and behind a closed door, he broke down in tears about “how fat I am.”

With the help of the nutritionist and a trainer, Rob cleaned out his kitchen and committed to a new weight-loss plan. “I need to literally dedicate my entire life to turning this around,” he realized, vowing “to stick” to the regimen and hoping to be back to his happier self in a few months.

The next batch of episodes will show Khloe struggling to move on in the wake of the official split, Kendall Jenner‘’s modeling career, and much more.

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