‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Finale Recap Part One: Kim and Kanye’s Wedding Prep and Kourtney’s Baby Bombshell

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Finale Recap

By Shari Weiss


Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Finale Recap


“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” aired part one of its season 9 finale on Sunday, featuring the build-up to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, and Kourtney Kardashian’s big baby news.

The episode kicked off with Kim telling Bruce Jenner about the pressure she feels with nuptials just weeks away. “I’m just like let’s hurry up and have a wedding so I can get pregnant again,” she told her stepfather, and they went on to discuss how he would walk her down the aisle.

Khloe Kardashian called Kim’s dress “so Princess Diana,” and Kim said that the “intimate” wedding plans meant many people wouldn’t be able to bring “plus ones,” as the venue couldn’t hold that many people. “I just don’t want a whole bunch of people I don’t know,” explained Kim. “I’m not even inviting distant family.”

She went on to note that stepbrother Brody Jenner wants his new girlfriend invited, but because of the guest list limitations and because the family doesn’t really know her, Kim didn’t plan to include her. Kim and Khloe also discussed brother Rob’s lack of RSVP, and the sisters expressed concern over whether he’ll feel up to attending. “He just feels so ugly,” said Khloe.

Kris Jenner, who had promised Kim she would only throw a small bridal dinner, secretly conspired with Kourtney, Khloe and their assistants on full-on bridal shower. “I just can’t help myself. It’s getting bigger and bigger, and I just hope she doesn’t get upset,” said the matriarch.

Meanwhile, in New York, Kim invited Kendall and Kylie to her Givenchy dress fitting, making them the first two in the family to glimpse her bridal gown. “This is what I call couture, people,” said Kim as she stood all dressed up, and the girls agreed she looked “amazing” and “beautiful.”

Meanwhile, as Kourtney packed for the wedding trip, she dropped her bombshell on Scott. “I just wanted to tell you that I am pregnant,” she announced.

Her longtime boyfriend was stunned and accused her of “suckering him into these kids,” going on to say he can’t take the “responsibility” of three children. Kourtney explained to the camera that she had to “build up the courage” to tell him, noting he’s been “depressed” over his parents’ recent deaths, and she didn’t want to set him off.

But when Kourtney confessed that she’d already known for weeks, Scott became angrier. “This is ridiculous!” he exclaimed. “It’s always so sneaky with you!” She replied, “It takes two to tango. What did you think was going to happen?”

Kourtney was later openly feeling unwell in front of her family, but insisted to her mom and Khloe that she just had the “stomach flu,” feeling that she couldn’t handle telling them the news after Scott’s reaction. But Scott ended up breaking the news to Khloe himself.

“Obviously you know once in a blue moon I sleep with your sister. And on those random occasions she gets pregnant,” he said, going on to complain about his soon-to-expand family, “I barely feel like I can take care of myself. I’m hanging on by a string here.” He went on to say that if they had normal lives in the middle of Oklahoma, they could “pop them out,” but their jet-setting lifestyle with global careers makes it much harder.

Khloe wasn’t “shocked,” but noted it “was a first” that Scott was telling her before Kourt, and felt like he was putting her in a “weird situation” as he vented his anger and fears. Khloe later tried to see if Kourtney would tell her, but she continued to keep quiet about “the bun in that oven.”

“I can just tell by the way she’s looking at me that she knows that I’m pregnant,” said Kourt in a confessional. “And I have a feeling that Scott told her.” She went on to confront Scott point-blank about spilling the news, and he chided her for keeping the “secret” and blaming it on him.

“Are you mocking me while I’m down?” he asked her. “I’m emotionally messed up.” They then argued over which of them is more “difficult.”

Kim and Kris had a meeting with Bruce about his hair and his new ponytail style, worrying about how it would look at the wedding, with Kim explaining she wanted “Paris chic.” “I want you to look amazing,” she told him, and he vowed to make her “happy.”

Later on, Kim told her siblings that Kris and Bruce plan on paying for Brandon and Leah Jenner’s trip to the wedding, and Brody ws pissed that he wasn’t getting a free ride, too. They worried that Kris would be unfairly blamed for the situation, and Kim said, “It’s just time that everyone grows up. And Bruce needs to talk to his own son.” The issue came up during a family dinner, in which Kim told Bruce about Brody’s complaints, and the former Olympian admitted that his son “could get huffy at times,” and completely agreed that his girlfriend should not be included.

“It’s your wedding, whenever you want,” he assured Kim. She explained, “I’m close to snapping because I’ve heard from a few different people [that he’s talking badly about Kris]… I’m to the point where I will go the f*ck off on him.” She further told the camera, “My mom’s always made to seem like this evil stepmom who never tries and never does anything, when she is the one who bends over backwards for everyone.”

Kourtney later confessed her baby news to Kim, and together they went in tell Kris, at first making her think that Kim was the one expecting. “This is amazing!” exclaimed the momager upon hearing the real news. Kourtney was down in the dumps, however, and opened up about Scott’s reaction, and how he’s since gone to Mexico for an appearance. “Because of what he’s done in the past, I can see him just using this as an excuse to throw all responsibility away and just be a wild animal,” she vented in a confessional.

On the day of Kim’s bridal shower, family and friends gathered for the formal event, and she seemed pretty shocked when she arrived. “I know I told my mom she could plan a bridal shower, but I thought it was going to be a little dinner, nothing like this,” she said. “I had no idea it would be this many people and people were flying in for her it.”

Kim opened up about wanting more kids, and Kris gave a sweet toast about her daughter and Kanye being “obsessed” with each other for years, and how they are finally getting their happy ending after a “rough” time. “Thanks for going on this bumpy ride with me,” Kim told all the guests. She was ultimately “so happy” that her mom went to great lengths to make such a “special” event, since many of the attendees wouldn’t be going to Paris for the wedding festivities.

The next day, Kourtney was shocked to find that Scott never came home from his Mexican trip as expected, and wasn’t responding to any of her messages with his phone now turned off. “Just knowing that he’s so depressed, I just hope that he’s okay,” she said. Scott eventually returned, and she expressed relief that he was “home safe,” but told him it’s “not okay” to disappear like that when you have a family, making her worry he was “literally dead.”

He explained to the camera, “I feel horrible that I put Kourtney through a terrible time, but I just didn’t want to get back to reality.” He admitted to Kourtney that he has “issues” he needs to take care off, and he isn’t sure how to get back to “normal, and apologized for his behavior saying, “I don’t think it’s okay at all.”

Kourtney went on to tell Kris that she wants him “to go away some place and figure it out, but it has to be the right place.” She confessed she was unsure, however, whether “sending him away” was the “best choice,” and if he was using alcohol to “numb” the pain over losing his parents, making her conflicted on what kind of help he needed.

Kourt went on to come up with a new idea: taking the kids to the Hamptons for the summer. “Scott always says he has happy memories of there with his parents,” she explained to Khloe. She further told the camera, “I really think going to the Hamptons could be a great thing for Scott and our family. It’s a really calm environment, and it could be a great place to [deal with his issues].”

Bruce still believed that Kim was in the right with not wanting to include Brody’s girlfriend, but worried how supporting her would affect his relationship with Brody, since they’d spent the past year working to improve it. Meanwhile, Kris only strengthened her bond with Brandon and Leah as she joined them and Bruce for a paddle boarding lesson in Malibu.

Kim later complained to her mom that people are still trying to get “plus ones invited,” but the venue refused to go over capacity. “It’s super stressful,” she said, telling her mom about Brody’s issue over the invites and Brandon and Leah getting off financially.

Kris defended herself saying, “[Brody] flies all over the world and has a ton of points. I don’t think I did anything wrong, except try to be an amazing stepmom. But if that’s the reason he doesn’t go to the wedding, then he needs to say that.” “You’re going to have more drama than you ever thought you signed up for, that just happens with weddings,” she told a frustrated and worried Kim. “So get ready.”

The episode ended with Kourtney telling Scott her grand Hamptons plan, tying it to her desire to open a DASH store, and how they’ve talked in the past about taking such a trip. When she suggested staying at his family’s home, he announced he planned to sell it, leading Kourtney to accuse him of being “rash.”

“You’re making a rash decision by saying we’re moving to the Hamptons at this point in my life,” Scott shot back. “It would’ve been a nice decision when my parents were there, and now we’re going to go when they’ve died?”

Wow. The finale will conclude on Monday with the second and final part, so come back to Gossip Cop for full coverage!

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