Katy Perry, Russell Brand ‘Torn Apart’ By Distance?

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Katy Perry Russell Brand Distance

By Michael Lewittes

Katy Perry Russell Brand Distance

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“KATY & RUSSELL: The honeymoon’s over!” blares a headline from In Touch, which goes on to claim Katy Perry and Russell Brand are having marital problems just six months after tying the knot. According to the tabloid, the couple is “being torn apart by jealousy and distance.” How so?

The magazine notes that while Perry and Brand make it a priority to visit each other when their careers demand they be apart, their efforts “aren’t proving to be enough.” “The travel is totally exhausting,” explains a so-called source for the magazine, adding, “It takes the fun out of seeing each other. They’re both so stressed out and tired and they hardly have time to be together.”

Also driving a wedge between the two, says In Touch, is the “E.T.” singer’s partying. Brand, a recovering addict, is supposedly jealous that his wife “drinks and smokes when he’s not around… It’s a sore spot.” However, despite the allegations, the couple is doing just fine.

A source close to Brand tells Gossip Cop that In Touch‘s assertions are not true. Actually, Brand himself recently mentioned that he was able to identify with his Arthur character (a drunken playboy turned doting husband) because he, too, was saved by love. “It’s such an incredible intervention in my life,” he said of his marriage to Perry. And just yesterday, she tweeted at her hubby, “I can’t wait to see you… As #ARTHUR! hope it’s all going amazing!” Seems the honeymoon is far from over.

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