Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry Did NOT Kiss And Are NOT Dating — Enough Already!

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By Daniel Gates

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Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry are in a “hot new romance,” breathlessly reports Star.

According to the tabloid’s source, the duo were “all over each other” at a June 12 party for The Rover. “They hugged and kissed. In fact, Rob kept kissing and making out with her all night long!” says an “eyewitness” for the outlet.

The magazine, which falsely accused Pattinson of going on a cocaine bender last year and has generally embarrassed itself with coverage of the actor, pretends as though lots of other sloppy outlets didn’t spread the SAME WRONG RUMOR the pair last week.

It’s still NOT TRUE. Pattinson and Perry were not caught making out.

Gossip Cop doesn’t know how to be any clearer on this point. Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry are platonic friends. They will occasionally be at the same event, standing near each other. They may even talk and laugh, like friends.


The reason there are no pictures or legitimate accounts of Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry kissing and being romantic is because it never happened. Don’t you think if Perry and Pattinson, two of the biggest stars in the world, spent an entire night kissing in front of eyewitnesses, SOMEONE would have caught it on camera?

Something not happening prevents most places from reporting it. But apparently not HollywoodLife and Star.

A source tells Gossip Cop for the 5,000th time that Perry and Pattinson are friends and nothing more.

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