Katy Perry And Robert Ackroyd NOT “Kissing” After Concert, Despite Claim

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By Michael Lewittes


Katy Perry Robert Ackroyd

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Katy Perry and Florence and the Machine’s Robert Ackroyd were “inseparable, kissing, flirting, cuddling away,” breathlessly reads another inaccurate Daily Mail story. According to the tabloid, the two were “flaunting their romance” and “happy to put on an amorous display in full view” of everyone at a party following Perry’s Prismatic World Tour concert at the 02 arena in London. But Gossip Cop has learned from a rock solid Perry insider that the claims from the British tabloid are absolutely not true.

Naturally, this juicy tale of Perry and Ackroyd “kissing” was picked up by a slew of other lemming-like outlets that didn’t bother to waste one second fact-checking. But Gossip Cop fully investigated, and got to the truth.

Here’s what’s true about the story: The spelling of Ackroyd and Perry’s names. And here’s what’s NOT true about the story: Everything else. A close pal of Perry’s tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “There’s nothing going on between them… no kissing.” Repeat, there is nothing going on between Perry and Ackroyd. “They’re just friends,” adds our impeccable insider.

Gossip Cop is so sure of its reporting that we’re asking everyone, including the Daily Mail, to revisit this rumor in a month from now or even in two months from now, and you’ll see that nothing is going on between Ackroyd and Perry.

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