Katy Perry Might “Slip Up And Get Pregnant” With Robert Pattinson Baby?

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By Daniel Gates

Katy Perry Pregnant Baby

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Katy Perry is “on the edge of an emotional spiral” and could wind up pregnant from a casual hookup, reports OK! magazine. According to the tabloid, the pop star has been “looking for validation” since her breakup with John Mayer, and “friends fear her trysts may have bigger, more permanent implications.”

“Several people in her crew are worried she might slip up and get pregnant,” a source tells the outlet. OK! then matter-of-factly says, “She certainly has plenty of potential baby daddies in the mix.” The magazine goes on to explain that Perry’s series of “dangerous rebounds” has included flings with Diplo, Rob Ackroyd and Robert Pattinson.

Yes, OK! actually seems to believe that one of these three men could wind up impregnating Perry if she’s not careful. Time for a reality check. Perry has indeed spent some time getting cozy with Diplo. But reports linking her to alleged kissing sessions with Ackroyd and Pattinson were both false.

The suggestion that she’s hooking up with guys left and right and risking a random pregnancy is as wrong as when OK! falsely said she was having a baby with Mayer or when the magazine said she was going to date Jared Leto. You get the point. OK! has no earthly idea what’s going on in Perry’s life, and the tabloid’s track record proves it. In any event, a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest article is “BS” and “offensive.”

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