Katy Perry Parents ‘Threatening’ to Disown Her Unless She Dumps John Mayer?

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By Michael Lewittes


John Mayer may be a notorious Lothario, but Katy Perry has started seeing him as father material,” begins a piece from Star. The mag says that although Perry wasn’t ready to have kids when she was married to Russell Brand, she’s now “had a change of heart,” and is “daydreaming about a life with John.”

According to a so-called “source” for the tabloid, “Katy has the romantic notion that she and John could raise a pack of kids on his ranch in Montana.” But Perry’s parents are supposedly not on board with their daughter’s alleged plan. Star claims the pop star’s parents are “horrified” at the thought of her ending up with Mayer.

“Her parents are even threatening to cut communication with Katy if she continues to see the heartbreaker,” adds the “pal.” (Nice made up quote).

OK… let’s get the mag’s claims straight. Perry’s ultra-religious parents maintained their close relationship with their daughter throughout her marriage and subsequent divorce to an ex-drug and sex addict, but they’re going to disown her because she’s dating someone with a reputation as a player?

NO. In fact, Perry just attended with Lakers season opener with her dad Keith Hudson on Tuesday night. Oops.

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