CLAIM: Katy Perry Told Kristen Stewart She’ll Date Robert Pattinson If They Split

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By Daniel Gates


Katy Perry supposedly “overstepped her bounds” at a recent get-together and allegedly told Kristen Stewart that “she would be happy to take care of [Robert Pattinson] if they ever split,” claims Star.

The tabloid says the “confession hit a nerve with the newly reunited couple,” as “sources” allege they still have “major trust issues.” According to Star, Perry’s comments made Stewart wonder if Pattinson “may have already moved on.” “It makes Kristen think that maybe the rumors of them hooking up in the past are true,” tattles an insider for the mag. Uh-huh.

The Star report was picked up by the usual suspects, including the shameless scandal scavengers at HollywoodLife, who say Perry told Stewart “that she would like to date Rob” if things with Stewart “don’t work out.” Of course, HollywoodLife has been down this road before, falsely alleging last summer that Perry was “considering a romantic relationship” with Pattinson”, because the outlet wanted to stir trouble.

And Star has embarrassed itself with a series of misguided, misleading Pattinson stories, including the bizarre allegation that Stewart was jealous over Pattinsons friendship with costar Uma Thurman. The tab’s latest insinuation that Perry is getting between Stewart and Pattinson is similarly rooted in fantasy. They’re friends — that’s it. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is “totally bogus.”

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