CLAIM: Katie Holmes Weight “Plummets” Amid Tom Cruise Divorce Drama

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

(In Touch)

Katie Holmes is in serious health trouble, claims In Touch. The magazine’s new cover declares that the actress’ weight has plummeted due to her divorce from Tom Cruise.

According to the tabloid, despite reaching a quick settlement with Cruise, Holmes is “under extreme pressure — and losing weight fast.” Oh?

In Touch claims Holmes recently showed up at a Whole Foods in New York with “rail-thin arms, prominent collarbones and [a] gaunt, exhausted-looking face.” A so-called “friend” of Holmes explains that while she’s “gone through her share of fad diets in the past, she is now struggling with something much more devastating.” (More “devastating” than incessant, wrong tabloid speculation about her personal life?)

In Touch announces, “In the past month or so, Katie has lost an estimated 12 to 15 pounds,” citing a “fitness expert” who has been nowhere near Holmes or her allegedly shrinking body. The mag goes on to include a bunch of filler about Scientology and other sources of stress supposedly taking a “toll” on Holmes, whose friends “hope” she can turn it around and “start taking care of her body — both for the sake of her own health and that of the daughter she has vowed to protect.” Uh-huh.

Here’s the thing: In Touch’s blathering about Holmes supposedly wasting away is neither original nor accurate. Holmes was always thin, she’s still thin, and there’s not a story here. What is noteworthy is the tabloid’s sensationalism in trying to make Holmes out to be an unhealthy basket case struggling to take care of her daughter Suri, based on nothing. A source close to the actress tells Gossip Copv the tale is completely “not true.”

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