Katie Holmes Sues Star Magazine for $50 Million

Truth rating: 10

By Michael Lewittes


Katie Holmes just filed a $50 million libel lawsuit against American Media, Inc., owner of Star magazine, which recently ran a cover suggesting the actress uses drugs. Holmes is furious with the tabloid and contends the story is defamatory.

Star‘s cover featured a photo of a tired-looking Holmes below the cover line, “ADDICTION NIGHTMARE – Katie DRUG SHOCKER! The real reason she can’t leave Tom.” Who knew Star would stoop so low with such an outrageous claim? The story was a total bait and switch, which Gossip Cop busted when it first came out in January.

Inside the tabloid, Star wrote that Scientologists use a device called an “e-meter,” which “emits a low-level electric charge that goes to the brain” and gives its user “a temporary feeling of euphoria, followed by a crash and a craving for more,” the way opiates do. So our question is where does the relevance of an addiction nightmare come in?

The article NEVER actually stated Holmes uses drugs, though the actress believes the cover clearly misleads readers to believe she does. Star has repeatedly published pieces that claim Holmes’ and Tom Cruisemarriage is in trouble and that she’s miserable. When will they come up with something more original?

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