Katie Holmes: The Craziest Rumors Are About Me Dating Men “I’ve Never Even Met”

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Katie Holmes Dating

By Michael Lewittes


Katie Holmes Dating

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Katie Holmes has been the subject of a number of rumors, but the most ridiculous ones, she exclusively tells Gossip Cop, are about whom she’s supposedly dating. The actress confides to Gossip Cop, “A lot of the people that they link me to I’ve never even met.” Holmes adds, “It’s just one of those things where I understand as a public person, you are a public thing, but there is a human behind it, and it often gets a little bit confusing and circus-like.”

She tells Gossip Cop the dating rumors sometimes are just downright bizarre. “I don’t quite understand it, because it’s out of nowhere. It really is out of nowhere,” says Holmes.

In just the past week, Gossip Cop has corrected rumors that claim she’s moving to California for Jamie Foxx, and is in a new “romance” with Robin Thicke. For the record, we have previously debunked a load of Holmes dating stories. She did not date Alexander Skarsgard. Nor did Holmes date Jason Segel. Luke Kirby was also not her “new man.” And musician peter Cincotti wasn’t a boyfriend either.

Holmes never dated actor Alex Schemmer, as well. She also didn’t get romantic with “Romantics” co-star Jeremy Strong. Her work dinner with film producer Rick Schwartz was not a “date.” And Holmes was never “secretly dating” Jake Gyllenhaal. “Circus-like” indeed!

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