Katie Holmes “Planning to Adopt a Little Sister” For Suri?

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By Michael Lewittes


“Katie’s Joy: A Sister For Suri!” blares a cover story from Star, which claims Katie Holmes is adopting a baby girl. The mag says that in the months since Holmes divorced Tom Cruise, Suri “doesn’t seem happy” and that, “besides her nannies and bodyguards, her only company is her posse of imaginary friends.”

Um, Suri does NOT have a nanny, but OK. Anyway, an allegedly “concerned” Holmes has therefore decided to “adopt a little sister for her,” notes the tab. According to a supposed “source” for Star, “Suri has been asking for a sister lately — she’s even praying for one at night, which tugs at Katie’s heart.” The purported “insider” explains that Holmes “feels bad when she sees Suri talks to her imaginary friends and would love for her to have someone close to her age to bond with.” As a result, says the tabloid’s alleged source, the “Dead Accounts” actress is currently “consulting with a high-end NYC adoption agency to find a 2- or 3-year-old girl who needs a family.”

“Right now, Katie is in the beginning stages, but her goal is to have a new addition to their family within the year,” reveals the unnamed insider.

OK, enough. Ever since Holmes left Cruise over the summer, tabloids have continually run BOGUS stories claiming her and Suri’s lives were somehow unhappy and unstable.

But it’s just the opposite. As Gossip Cop originally reported, one of the main reasons Holmes divorced Cruise was so that Suri could go to school with kids her age, rather than be home schooled by Scientology instructors. So, the claim that the actress is going to adopt because Suri in lonely and has no friends is completely baseless. And while it’s natural for small children to ask for younger siblings, it’s NOT true that Suri is unhappy because she doesn’t have a little sister, and it’s totally FALSE that Holmes is “concerned” about her daughter’s supposed solitary state.

A rep for Holmes tells Gossip Cop exclusively it’s “NOT true” that the actress has any plans right now to adopt a child, adding, “Star obviously needed to sell magazines.”

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