Kathy Griffin’s ‘Jack M’ Tweet: Did She Know About Stephen Collins, Possible Other Child Molester?

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Kathy Griffin Stephen Collins

By Daniel Gates


Kathy Griffin Stephen Collins

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Kathy Griffin is not saying anything more about a cryptic tweet she sent in the wake of Stephen Collinschild molestation confession — a message that seemed to suggest she knows about another Hollywood child sex offender.

On Tuesday, Griffin tweeted, “Well well well #StephenCollins, looks like u may have finally gotten urself busted after all these years. Jack M, ur next? KG.

She followed that up with, “Good God I didn’t mean Jack McBrayer,” but has otherwise remained silent about it on Twitter, and wouldn’t respond when a TMZ paparazzo asked her about it on Wednesday (see below).

Griffin’s tweet has sparked speculation about whether Griffin knew about Collins before this week’s bombshell revelation — and especially over the identity and potential crimes of “Jack M.”

In the past, Griffin has spoken about her own sexual abuse as a child, as well as her brother’s pedophilia.

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