CLAIM: Katherine Heigl Hated on Movie Set, Attacked With Sugar and Cream

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By Daniel Gates

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Katherine Heigl is slammed in the new National Enquirer for allegedly being mean on the set of her movie Jenny’s Wedding. The tabloid, which has spread inaccurate stories about the actress for years, claims Heigl “isn’t making friends” on the project, and the “little people” are supposedly “fighting back!”

Um, how so? Here’s a fake quote from one so-called “insider” for the Enquirer: “Katherine’s been extremely unfriendly to all the crew and production assistants, barking orders and treating them like servants. There’s never a ‘please’ or ‘thank you,’ and God forbid you address her by her first name or make eye contact!” Fascinating.

And what kind of revolt is allegedly underway? “Whenever she demands coffee, instead of using the sugar substitute and nonfat creamer that she orders, they’re putting her under a secret fat attack by giving her real sugar and cream!” explains the Enquirer source. Oh, so this rumor is as absurd as it is wrong! The Enquirer should really try a little harder.

One source close to the situation told Gossip Cop, “That’s such bullsh*t.” But even better, Mary Agnes Donoghue, the woman behind the film, issued the following statement to Gossip Cop. Donoghue said, “I don’t know why The Enquirer went to an unnamed crew member on Jenny’s Wedding to supply dirt on Katherine Heigl. As writer, director, and producing partner on the movie, no one is in a better position to dig it up and fling it than me. Sadly, dear readers, I have none.” “I found Katherine to be nothing less than a joy to work with as did everyone else on the movie other than this mysterious crew member they must have dug up from some remote outpost of the unemployable,” she added. Donoghue concluded, “Katie was always a consummate professional, polite, thoughtful, generous, and gracious to everyone as was her so called mom-ager who has been nothing more than her shield against opportunism and negativism which includes that terrible virus called slander.” Snap!

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Kathrine Heigl was attacked with sugar and cream on a movie set.

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