Katherine Heigl Did NOT Demand Butt Reshoots or Rage on State of Affairs Set

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Katherine Heigl Butt

By Shari Weiss


Katherine Heigl Butt

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A particularly nasty rumor falsely claims Katherine Heigl was a “booty snooty” and recently exploded on the set of her new NBC series, “State of Affairs,” over the way her butt appeared on camera.

The National Enquirer alleges the actress was reviewing footage shot for the show when she “suddenly screamed at producers: Look at how you filmed my BUTT!! My #*%$@ ass looks like the size of NEBRASKA!”

The supermarket tabloid goes on to quote an alleged “on-set spy” as saying Heigl’s supposed “notorious temper’s infuriating people — especially her Emmy Award-winning co-star Alfre Woodard, who got particularly upset when she demanded a reshoot of an entire scene because she felt they hadn’t done a good enough job of flattering her posterior!”

No REAL source, REAL person, would use the phrase “Emmy Award-winning co-star Alfre Woodard” in NORMAL conversation.

But the Enquirer and its “spy” continues its hit job, claiming, “And when Miss Woodard suggested bringing in a body double with a smaller behind to stand in for Katherine, the proverbial ‘fit really hit the shan.'”

And then, to top it off, the outlet’s supposed snitch alleges Heigl “exploded, shrieking, I’ve got the best butt in Hollywood!”

It’s really time for the Enquirer to butt out of Hollywood affairs, especially the ones it decides to seemingly make up. A rep for Heigl is blasting the story, telling Gossip Cop exclusively it’s “total 100 percent bullshit.” The Enquirer claims “absolutely NOT true,” stresses the spokesperson.

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