Katherine Heigl and Co-Star Chris McKenna NOT Getting Romantic In Real Life, Despite Report

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Katherine Heigl Chris McKenna

By Daniel Gates

Katherine Heigl Chris McKenna

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Katherine Heigl is NOT prompting fears that she’ll cheat on husband Josh Kelley with her “State of Affairs” co-star Chris McKenna, despite a new National Enquirer report. Gossip Cop can bust this rumor, which alleges Heigl and McKenna’s love scenes “may boil over into real life.”

“They look like they’re REALLY enjoying their sex scenes a lot,” claims a so-called “inside source” for the Enquirer, the same outlet that once falsely claimed Angelina Jolie had “banned” Brad Pitt from sex scenes, and even alleged Tom Cruise was upset about his ex-wife Katie Holmes’ on-screen kiss with a co-star.

The Enquirer also once wrongly insisted Kelly Ripa was upset about Mark Consuelos having hookup scenes on his TV show. According to the tabloid, love scenes are always cause for concern for a spouse. It’s ridiculous.

In any case, this time the tabloid quotes an “insider” as saying that Heigl and McKenna have “formed an intense bond,” and later speculates that it could lead to the two stars winding up “in the sack.”

“I think Chris is exciting to Katherine because he’s so different from Josh, both physically and in personality,” explains an Enquirer source, who goes on to say that “State of Affairs” producers are worried about a real-life affair damaging the show because it could “all end in tears and hurt the series.”

Um, they’re not going to have to cross that bridge, because this entire story is ludicrous and false. Heigl is an actress. McKenna is an actor. They have some steamy scenes together. End of story. There’s no affair, and no one on the set is particularly worried about there being an affair. Gossip Cop hears from production sources that there’s been no speculation whatsoever about real-life sparks between Heigl and McKenna. As for the Enquirer trying to spread potential cheating rumors without a shred of evidence? It’s “wrong and despicable,” a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop.

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