Kate Upton Still NOT Pregnant; HollywoodLife Still Full Of Sh*t

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Kate Upton Pregnant

By Daniel Gates

Kate Upton Pregnant


HollywoodLife keeps spreading bullsh*t speculation about Kate Upton being pregnant, body-shaming her at every opportunity. A day after Gossip Cop busted the lying webloid for using month-old photos and publishing an incoherent, clueless pregnancy rumor about Upton, HollywoodLife continued to show it has no interest in the truth.

The blog used Upton’s Friday appearance filling in for Kelly Ripa as an excuse to tell everyone about the model’s “fuller figure.” HollywoodLife notes, “The always smiling model was certainly glowing! Wearing a tight dress, rumors continued to swirl that the model is sporting a baby bump.”

So Upton was “glowing” and “wearing a tight dress” and looked like she had a “baby bump,” according to the site. OK. But then HollywoodLife says this: “Kate is known for not being shy about showing off her flawless curves, yet recently we have seen her more covered up than usual — is this all a coincidence or could she really be pregnant?”

Wait, so is she pregnant because she’s showing a bump in a tight dress — or because she’s “more covered up” lately? Oh, wait, the webloid’s logic gets even more confusing. “We certainly don’t think that Kate has gained any weight on her gorgeous voluptuous body,” writes HollywoodLife, completely invalidating its own multiple posts about Upton having grown a baby bump.

Then we get this from the blog: “The rumors started when she has been spotted out in New York, wearing a shapeless dress that definitely could have been hiding something, if The Other Woman star is in fact pregnant.” Huh? Upton started pregnancy rumors by wearing a “shapeless dress” and continued them by wearing a “tight dress”?

Here’s what’s actually happening here. HollywoodLife just says stuff. Sometimes the stuff is an outright lie. Sometimes the stuff is misleading. Sometimes the stuff is contradictory. Rarely is the stuff new or interesting. Kate Upton is not pregnant. She wasn’t pregnant yesterday. She’s not pregnant today. And when she is pregnant, HollywoodLife will certainly not be the first outlet to know.

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