Kate Middleton Still Not Expecting Twins

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By Daniel Gates


Two months ago, Star magazine wrongly claimed Kate Middleton was pregnant with twins. Now the tabloid is raising the stakes with even more sensational allegations. When will they stop?

In a so-called “world exclusive,” Star says the Duchess’ baby joy “was shattered during a recent vacation when pregnant Kate collapsed and lost consciousness.” Whoa. Supposedly, Kate took ill at Prince Charles‘ Scottish manor house, Birkhall, earlier this month.

According to a “source” for Star, she fainted, prompting William to carry her to the bedroom while emergency calls were made. Fortunately – and magically for the tabloid! – she quickly recovered.

The magazine blames stress and Kate’s low weight for the incident, citing “palace insiders” who claim members of her inner circle “are desperately concerned for her physical and emotional health as she carries two royal heirs.” Says one such “insider,” the Duchess is “dealing with a lot of burdens right now, in addition to carrying the twins. Everyone is really worried and hopes she’ll take her fainting spell as a warning to slow down and get healthier.”

Sounds like good advice… based on horrendous reporting. Kate Middleton is not pregnant with twins. Repeatedly insisting she’s pregnant with twins won’t make it true.

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