Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth At “War” Over Move?

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Kate Middleton War Queen

By Daniel Gates


Kate Middleton War Queen

(Life & Style)

Kate Middleton is at “war” with Queen Elizabeth, says Life & Style.

Because, really, who would know better about high-level royal intrigue than an American tabloid recently seen lying about Kardashian pregnancies and Jennifer Aniston allegedly being dumped on her wedding day?

Anyway, Life & Style claims Middleton has “scored her biggest victory yet” over “enemy” Queen Elizabeth by convincing Prince William to leave Kensington Palace and move their family to the countryside.

“The queen is furious,” an “insider” tells the magazine. “It’s a huge slap in the face for her. Kate — and now William — are sending the message that they refuse to be forced by the queen to do anything.”

Where is the couple moving that could make Queen Elizabeth so angry? To Anmer Hall in Norfolk, which will be closer to William’s new job as an air ambulance pilot.

One minor detail bears mentioning. Queen Elizabeth gave them the estate. You read that correctly.

Life & Style has based an entire cover story about a “war” between Middleton and the Queen on a real estate decision the Queen facilitated.

But we know exactly why Life & Style did this cover story. Last month, the tabloid claimed the two women were fighting — that was not true — and the magazine seems to believe that by repeating a lie enough, it will become the truth. Of course, some of the tab’s lies about Middleton can’t be hidden — like a May report claiming she was pregnant and sick.

When should we expect the birth? A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop there’s still “no fight” between Middleton and the Queen, despite the tabloid’s best efforts.

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