Kate Middleton NOT “At War” With Queen Elizabeth, Despite Magazine Report

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Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth Fight

By Daniel Gates


Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth Fight

(Life & Style)

Kate Middleton is NOT “at war” with Queen Elizabeth, despite yet another Life & Style cover story claiming the two royals are fighting. Gossip Cop can bust this report, as we’ve busted countless previous Life & Style stories repeating the same wrong allegations of a royal fight or feud.

According to the tabloid, “all hell broke loose” when the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge recently told the Queen that her mom, Carole Middleton, would be helping out with baby instead of a nurse the Queen planned to hire. “The Queen raised her voice as she clashed with Kate and Prince William about how they will raise their new child,” claims a so-called “royals insider” for Life & Style. “Kate couldn’t bear it any longer and walked out.”

Life & Style calls this the “biggest royals scandal ever.” Uh-huh. Last month, the same magazine ran a cover story claiming Kate had been “humiliated” by the Queen over her weight. Last October, the same magazine ran a cover story claiming Kate had been “tormented” by the Queen amid a “family war.” There was a different Life & Style “war” cover story about the two royals back in August 2014. Oh, and a different “tormented” cover story last August. Gossip Cop busted all of those stories, and we were right.

It never ends. Month after month, Life & Style insists there’s a huge fight between Kate and the Queen. It’s never true, and the tabloid’s “sources” just repeat the same nonsense over and over. An actual Buckingham Palace source tells Gossip Cop the reporting is “absurd.” The only thing more off-base than claiming Kate Middleton is “at war” with Queen Elizabeth would be saying she’s at war with Queen Latifah. We wouldn’t be shocked if Life & Style tried that one soon.

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