Will & Kate “Baby Heartbreak” Story Stoops Low

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

Kate Middleton Prince William

(In Touch)

That was fast. Less than a month after Kate Middleton and Prince William became the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, tabloids have ended their own “honeymoon” with the newlywed couple. In Touch returns to tasteless speculation this week, with a cover story blaring about “Will & Kate’s Baby Heartbreak.” A “royal doctor confirms” the Duchess “can’t get pregnant,” declares the tabloid, advertising an article with the headline “William & Kate’s Baby Dreams Shattered.”

Except all of this tabloid blather is based on nothing. The strongest bit of the giant feature is an anonymous “royal source” repeating alleged concerns passed along by Camilla, William’s stepmother. Supposedly, Camilla told a friend that “health complications from Kate’s adolescence raised red flags that may have an impact on her ability to conceive,” leading to family worries that the Duchess “may not produce an heir.” She supposedly “took fertility tests shortly before the engagement,” claims a different “royal insider” for the magazine, although we never learn the results of those alleged tests.

Wait a minute. The cover claims to have medical confirmation that the Duchess “can’t get pregnant.” It announces “devastating news” that has supposedly rocked her marriage. Except the story offers no such confirmation, and there’s been no “news” of any kind.

The article is larded with language about “potential” problems and hypothetical setbacks… but absolutely no actual reason to believe there’s been “baby heartbreak.” In fact, much of the story is taken up with discussion of how wonderful it is that William and Middleton married for love rather than “duty,” speculating that theirs could be a happier and more stable union than William’s parents’. In other words, because the newlyweds love each other so much, and because there’s no readily apparent controversy, In Touch is forced to spin a non-story – the fact that Catherine’s not already pregnant – into controversy, inventing this embellished “baby heartbreak.” It’s a desperate rumor that deserves to be (royally) flushed.

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