Kate Hudson Poses Topless For Glamour, Talks Kids, Fame and Glee

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By Daniel Gates


Kate Hudson poses topless for the new Glamour, and is interviewed by director Mira Nair for the magazine about fame, kids, “Glee,” and mullets.

Asked about living life as a public figure, the actress says, “The reason I trust so much is that I don’t feel like I have anything to hide. If somebody betrays that trust, it could never be so bad, because I don’t keep any secrets.” “I’ve had friends who’ve lied to me, I’ve had friends who’ve done things behind my back, I’ve had people steal from me — and it doesn’t stop me from trusting,” says Hudson, who explains that she only gets “angry” when people invade her children’s privacy.

She describes what it’s like to be a kid with celebrity parents, an experience she had growing up with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. “There’s a misconception that if you come from famous parents, you’re seeking fame for the sake of fame,” explains Hudson. “I see it as the opposite: Growing up with parents who were in the spotlight — it was almost like, Wow, if I didn’t love to create characters, I would run as far away from fame as I could get.”

One of Hudson’s characters is Cassandra July, the dance instructor on “Glee,” whom the actress calls “such a wonderfully nasty character. I have so much fun playing her. And singing and dancing makes me so happy.”

Beyond her acting career, Hudson is busy raising nine-year-old son Ryder and one-year-old Bingham, her first child with fiancé Matthew Bellamy. “He’s got a natural mullet, which I’m cutting soon,” says Hudson of Bingham. “It’s growing only in the back, so we in the family say he takes after my Gogie — you know, Kurt [Russell] — because Kurt was a mullet guy in the eighties. Bing’s been singing too. He loves music.”

Hudson’s boys get along with each other, despite the age difference. She says, “Ryder is the coolest cat — an amazing big brother, so patient and tolerant. Bing pulls his hair, and Ryder just laughs. He’s such a good person. I couldn’t be a prouder mommy.”

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