CLAIM: Lea Michele and Kate Hudson Hated Each Other on Glee

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By Michael Lewittes


Lea Michele and Kate Hudsons characters’ feud on the new season of “Glee” was mirrored in real life, according to Star. The mag, which last week wrongly reported that Cory Monteith was jealous of Michele’s costar, Dean Geyer, now claims Michele and Hudson had “tension” off camera.

A so-called “source” for the tabloid says Michele is “extremely bossy” and “never really liked the idea of Kate coming on the show, even though Kate has gone out of her way to be friendly with her.” Michele supposedly showed her dislike of Hudson through passive-aggressive behavior, alleges the purported “insider,” claiming, “Lea was actually giving Kate some [acting] pointers in the scenes they worked together.” The source notes that Hudson “soon got sick of it and made it clear she wasn’t taking direction from a newbie.”

And that’s not the end of the pair’s supposed rivalry. Star’s “insider” goes on to allege, “The mood on set got even icier when Kate struck up a friendship with Lea’s on- and off-screen love, Cory Monteith.”

“Kate is flirtatious with everyone,” claims the source, who adds, “But Lea is fuming. Cory tried to talk to her, but that just enraged her more.”

Sounds just as dramatic as one of the show’s plot lines. But just like “Glee,” the supposed off-screen feud between Hudson and Michele is complete fiction. A source close to Michele tells Gossip Cop, “There is zero truth” to the mag’s claims of tension between the actresses.

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