Kate Hudson Does Hilarious Impression Of Matthew McConaughey (VIDEO)

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Kate Hudson Impression Matthew McConaughey

By Daniel Gates


Kate Hudson Impression Matthew McConaughey


Kate Hudson did a pretty entertaining Matthew McConaughey impression at this week’s American Cinematheque gala honoring the Oscar-winning actor. The actress was reminiscing about when the duo made Fool’s Gold in 2008, which happened to be a difficult time for Hudson. McConaughey cheered her up as the two went for their scuba diving certification.

“We’re way out in the Great Barrier Reef and I had just found out that my divorce had been finalized,” she recalled. “I was terrified of swimming with sharks and I was just staring at the water, like, ‘What’s happened in my life?’”

She continued, “Out of the water pops Matthew. No shirt, full gear, spits out the [breathing] regulator, and he said (in McConaughey’s Texas drawl), ‘Come on, Hudson… let’s go, baby. It’s like 1969 down there, baby. It’s Woodstock, man!'”

As it happens, in a recent GQ interview, McConaughey defended his work in romantic comedies like Fool’s Gold. “I believe I gave them buoyancy,” he told the magazine. Asked whether the conventional wisdom that his new “phase” is in “direct opposition” to the earlier part of his career, the actor said, “It may make a more interesting narrative and a dramatic punch, but it’s not true.”

Check out the video of Hudson’s impression below, and tell us what you think!


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